September 21, 2021


We got chicks last week!  These are Rhode Island reds.  

There are also older chicks, we keep them separate so that they don't pick on the younger ones, but will put them together when they are all bigger.  Buff Orpington and Araucana, which will lay blue-green eggs, similar in color to my Amazonite stone bracelet.  
$2 for a dozen eggs!  $6 for a gallon of raw milk!
After church Sunday, a monk named Father Theodore, who is from Scotland, gave us this prosphora, bread that is used in the altar.

The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown.  We had a nice visit.  Sheep are quite loud!  The boys enjoyed using the old hand crank machine to get the dried corn off the husk.  They require people to wear face masks indoors, so we were outside most of the time.  I had asthma pretty badly as a child and am scared of not being able to breathe well.  

Mom has been here since Saturday.  We had friends over and ate apple crisp with vanilla ice cream to celebrate Paul's 6th birthday.  Yesterday, 20 tons of gravel was delivered.  It was fun for the boys to watch.  Then, we went to visit Dad's grave and planted chrysanthemums.  We ate lunch at the monastery down the hill afterwards.  I bought a few jars of their honey.  The monk who cares for the bees is Father Paisios.  He kindly offered to help us get set up with a hive on our land.  We have a bit more than we originally thought, as an Amish neighbor rode his bicycle over and gave Rob the land survey.  The neighbor, named Jonathan, had hoped to buy this place, but there were problems with the previous owner having more debts, so Jonathan found a place not too far.  We went there and met his 8 puppies.  They are Austrailian shepherds, born Sept. 9th.  I think of Hannah's pup, Remy, who she gave to a horse farm.  If I'd known a year ago that we would be living here, and have room for him to run around I would have liked to keep him, but it's all in God's hands. 
We hope to get our fence up soon and move the short-horn cross heifer that we bought here.  She is on a farm just a few miles awat.  She's currently giving milk, but will have another calf in March, so the farmer said we will need to stop milking her in January.  Her name is "Pansie" but I want to rename her.  She is mostly black with white spots, looks like a Holstein, because of her papa.  Her mother is a dark brown.  I will have to take photos of her soon to share.  I'm hoping to learn to make cheese with the extra milk.

September 14, 2021

Foggy field

This morning we woke up to see fog.  It's the 4th night we've been here in the smaller house on our new property in upstate New York.  Hannah was here to help us move, unload and clean the house.  She's now driving out to Oregon!

Yesterday we walked through our field of goldenrod, burdock and milkweed to find a recently cut field, belonging to our Amish neighbors, with red clover and many butterflies.  The boys ran and tried to catch one.  The neighbors have two horses and a three-month-old foal, who followed Paul along fence line and wanted to be pet.  I forgot my camera, but we'll be back there soon.

We have mint and lemon balm growing in our yard.  I plan to get more herbs in 2022.

There are two apple trees and we've gotten quite a few so far.  I want to make apple pie later today.

This is the church in Jordanville.  Up the hill is the cemetery where my father's grave is...we hope to plant mums there this weekend.  My mother is coming to visit!
Before and after (below) of our living room.  We still don't have running water, or a kitchen sink set up, bathroom is in process, and we're currently using the outhouse.  We have 5.3 acres and met a milking cow that we plan to buy once we have a fence.  We'd like to get chickens.
Little by little.  Hope your week is going well!

August 28, 2021

God is good

Our real estate agent gave us a chrysalis.  Thursday morning, the Monarch had emerged!  God is good, He made so many fascinating things that grow and change.
We returned these empty jars to Rooted juicery and got $ .50 credit for each one, then got a goji berry smoothie.
A visit to a knight's castle with friends.  The multiple archways are beautiful.
They liked the swords and armor on display.
Olivia had her 1st colorguard performance with the University of Cincinnati!  Below with my mom afterwards:
We have gone to three Orthodox churches in our area this past month.  This is the smallest one and today we went for the feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos.

August 19, 2021

Blessing fruit

one of my favorite days is when we bring baskets and bless fruit at church

below, is my 3 year old niece...that phase where "cheese" looks like they are just showing all their teeth, makes me laugh

August 17, 2021

Fruit this season

from our back door steps, I see the black-eyed Susans in their prime, a pear tree, fig + apple on the far right and peach on the left, grapes beside me
small helping hands with smiles
our grapes are ready, but are pulpy + have many dark spots and so, we are letting the birds feast, saw a bright red cardinal enjoying them and our chickens peck what has fallen to the ground.

We have just a couple apples.  Our fig looks nice, I hope the new owners will get to pick them as they'll be ripe in another month.  Sadly, the squirrels got almost all our peaches.  A year ago right now, we had many sweet ripe peaches and we ate them fresh, I made peach crisp.

Many pears are falling off the tree right now and they are not soft, but I read that to make poached pears, one wants hard pears.  I also found this recipe for preserved peaches:

Our nearby public school started today.  We will be homeschooling starting after the move.  Nothing intense, mostly reading books and working on math.  Life is full of science opportunities outdoors.  One of our daughters will start university classes next week and the other is moving to the west coast.  Having two children who are adults, now, is hard, I still worry about them, but remind myself that I was once like them, wishing to spread my wings and see the world, so I pray.

August 5, 2021


An art lesson today with friends, using colorful clay.
Yesterday, we went to the zoo with friends who have a guest pass!  It was George's first time ever at the zoo.  He was really interested in all of the animals, especially the giraffes.
We got to ride the train, which takes you past the wolves, flamingo, goats and alpacas, etc and the botanical gardens.
A day at the pool, not too busy and perfect temperature.  
Identifying poison ivy is a good thing, especially if you hike.
We went out for ice cream with Hannah!  She won the Graeter's coloring contest.
NEW Amazonite bracelet!  My husband got these beads as a birthday gift for me.  A friend gave me this bouquet.
And we spent time at the lake for my birthday!
Practicing writing with chalk in our driveway.  I'm getting emotional and sentimental about all these things during this last month in this house.  
Concert in the park is one of our fav Tues. evening spots.  This week was the Pete Wagner band.  They played great tunes, like the one that goes "I see skies of blue..."
7am sunrise now.  It was 6am a month ago.  The days are getting shorter, but we can still stay up until 9pm and catch fireflies.
Black eyed Susans are blooming here!  How is your colorful summer?