August 9, 2022


We are really getting a lot from the garden now.  I have so much zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, kale, and chard.  Our corn will be ready sometime this month. I planted way too many pumpkins.  We're making a teepee!  That's George in there.

500 piece cat puzzle almost complete!
An evening sky photo looking south from our place.  Isn't the moon and pale pink pretty?
My husband and his 6 year old assistant working on another section of the main house.
We gave the monastery a bunch of zucchini and Father Paisios cooked them up for lunch Sunday!

August 2, 2022


Picked blueberries last week!  We also picked black currants - I read they're good for immune health, as they're high in vitamin C.
The Otsego county fair only charges $1 admission per adult on the 1st day.  We saw a lot of cool machines and animals.

Quality time with cousins on Lake Otsego at 3 mile point.  It was really nice to have them visit!
Kittens were adored, good food eaten, and 1st time playing mini golf!
My cousin brought this fish toy for the kitties, but it also seems to work as an outfit for a small child!
Feeding Bella burdock leaves.  Her calf Ferdinand is 5 months old and eats grass and also still drinks milk from her daily.  We milk her in the morning twice a week.  
Gloria gave birth to a beautiful girl Monday evening.  We haven't named her yet. Her older calf, Zippy, a boy, is one, but we're keeping him in a separate pasture for now.
Lots of blueberry muffins baked, blueberry pie filling, a blueberry and strawberry crisp and plenty eaten fresh.

July 26, 2022


Last night, we went to a community folk dance.  Here, they're doing the Virginia Reel. A reel can be done as long as one likes, and there were quite a few dancers, it was probably about 20 minutes long. My 3 year old was my partner for about 10 minutes.  They learned to "Do-si-do!"
Snowflake nursing her 2 babies who are now 5 and a half weeks old.  Since I walked over, she is bracing herself to stand up and see what I've got for her.  I often drain a can of tuna into their bowl.  Her sister, Sandy, is inside the barn with her 4 kittens.
A lovely sunset and our lambs, who are now 4 months old.
Our cows like to eat burdock leaves and we have plenty!  We go to the local library weekly and someone had brought brownies, hence the chocolate smile above.
This is my Bell's Palsy face.  I'm trying to smile, but my right side is still pretty paralyzed, although I can close my eye without using my hand to force it closed.
These kittens are fun to watch, playing with each other everyday.  Sandy's kittens are 10 days old now and have just opened their eyes, but nurse and huddle together to sleep most of the time.

July 19, 2022

shelling peas

We picked peas + spent about 2 hours shelling them this afternoon.  If I were doing it alone, I bet I wouldn't say it was fun, but it was...remarking on how many we find in each pod, pretending it's a smile of green teeth + throwing a few to the chickens.

Snowflake has a puffy tail, as she's on-guard, checking out the newest addition to our homestead: black guinea hogs.
Captain is happy to make a new friend!  He's doing well, munches on grass and whatever else he likes in the meadow, napping in the shade with the others.  He has a long tail, while the other lambs had their tails banded when we got them (and they fell off), so just little nubs, which they waggle when happy.
The view from our place of one of our neighbors, Jonathan and Ellen, who are Amish.
These kittens are 4 weeks old now.  There are two from Snowflake. Her sister Sandy had her kittens on Friday, there are four, just a few days old now.  Both the mama cats have been caring for the littlest ones and nursing them, which is sweet.