October 20, 2020


Being outdoors is great, when it's not too hot and not too cold, often this time of year, with the exception of days like today, it's raining.  About a week ago, we went camping.  This was the roaring fire we sat by with friends and sipped on wine and felt the warmth of friendship.
Spent most of the day indoors yesterday, however, with the recent rain.  Little mechanic here.  George will be 2 in 2 weeks.
A friend and I went hiking.  This meadow with all the goldenrod was beautiful.
Just before Communion my husband started a fire to get lunch going.
Outdoor Liturgy!  Have you been having services outdoors?  It's a beautiful place, surrounded by His creation, with the trees in green, yellow, orange and red.

September 8, 2020


There's something tranquil about water, maybe it's actually the wind making ripples over it, or that it cleanses.  We have quite a few lakes near us.  The state parks in Ohio are FREE (unlike some other states) and open to everyone.  
Above, Cowan Lake state park where we went Friday, and below is Stonelick Lake, where we went yesterday.
Muddy and enjoying every minute.
Laying in the shallow water, where it is warmer, finding pretty pebbles.
Little boss baby.  See that pointing finger?
So good to spend time together.
A scrumptious cherry cheese crown for our daughter.
And this little fellow sure enjoyed his sweet:
Hope the rest of summer is good for you.  We are still having days reaching 90 this week.  
I'm looking forward to the cooler fall days!

P.S. I might be a little extra sentimental over donuts, as tomorrow would have been my dad's 70th birthday.  And he loved Dunkin Donuts.  

August 14, 2020

Peach season

Little helper.  He's always ready to climb!
Rob attached a baseball hat to a long stick to reach the peaches on top that are ripe.  They are so sweet!
Yesterday, we got a package!  I've ordered several items, as gifts for others and myself from Barberry + Lace.  Leigh is a mom of four kids and does a great job with her jewelry business!  The rectangular sterling silver bar necklace (in the photo where I'm holding our sleeping baby), I ordered about 5 years ago and wear it almost everyday.  You can get it inscribed with whatever you like, a name or word.  I chose "mama bear" for mine, but got one for my daughter with "sweet sixteen" on it.

If you click HERE, you'll get $10 off and so will I.  Hope you have a great weekend!

I'm thinking a peach pie would be a good idea!

July 31, 2020

SO many flowers

I really love flowers.  These beautiful coral gladiolas were from Hannah!
my birthday was a few days ago and I ordered a Thai salad (served in a bowl made from giant chip made with black sesame seeds) and pho just east of Findlay Market.  These planters are at the entrance to the market:
we went just before Olivia had to go to work, that's why she's wearing her lifeguard swimsuit.  We went to the library for the first time in 4 months.  And my husband gave me these hibiscus, salvia and celosia below!
he took the next day off, as Hannah wasn't feeling well. She ran a fever of 104.  She had a Covid-19 test and it came up negative, thankfully.  They gave her IV fluids and monitored her heart rate, for a few hours, as it was high.  She's a little better now.  Fever down to 100.
this is the celosia, this kind is called Dragon's Breath.  Isn't it lovely?
tese boys prefer the vegan ice creams...
 Hope you have a nice weekend!

July 24, 2020

Souvenirs from Alaska

We got quite a few souvenirs on our trip.  These 3 oz. espresso mugs are beautiful. I got these silver + jade earrings for $20, for myself.  Did you know jade is the Alaskan state gem?  There is a jade mountain in Seward.
 This souvenir below didn't last long... Moose's Tooth pizza!
Lots of stickers!  There's an oval one in the middle from Flying Squirrel, we stopped there twice.  Their olive oil baguettes are scrumptious and the hot drinks are also great!  We bought a reindeer carpet.
Ulus. You can place it in this bone holder.  I watched several videos to learn how to use it.
I've used it several times, to chop onions, et cetera, and really like it.  Which one do you like best?
We bought an ulu for our friend and one for us, from the Magic Carpet, a gift shop in Healy, AK, just a 1/4 north of the entrance to Denali National Park, the maker is Dancing Man.  At the same shop, I bought a burl bowl and gave it to my mom, so I don't have a photo of it, but will take one...
What is a burl? It's a bump, a knotty growth on a tree.  We saw quite a few in the woods.
Next, I plan to make a photo book and enlarge some photos.

Have a great weekend!