January 8, 2020

Thoughts on Nativity

Yesterday, we celebrated our Lord God's birth.  Having children has helped me realize that although we love them and want to mould them, they are unique and have a plan.  How did the Theotokos feel when her Son was crucified and resurrected?  I'm a mix of emotions, all the time....
We gave and received....
Homemade giant bath bombs (from my sister in Canada).  Chocolate for my mom (from my other sister in Oregon) which she generously shared with us!
We had a festive day and lovely dinner at my mom's house, with my one sister (who lives nearby) and her family.
Olivia's arm extended, trying to get Paul in, but he was busy playing.
And these 2 one year old cousins with their matching knit bonnets!
This morning brekkie was eggs and rosemary bread (that my niece made for us).
Hope you enjoy your time with family & friends today.  And remember to thank God for all things!  
P.S. Thank you to Melinda who has a gift for bringing people together.


Melinda said...

This looks like such a warm, loving celebration. I remember also noticing that I viewed Christmas differently after I became a mama.

Mary Ellen VanMarter said...

This is so sweet! I love seeing the photos of your celebration.

susansophia said...

Christ is Born!!
Glad to be back on your blog! I see you have a link to my old farm blog still on your list! :)

Mat. Anna said...

Merry Christmas! It’s a blessing to be near family, something I do not take for granted since we’ve spent most of our adult life far away from them.

Angelina said...

Merry Christmas and a blessed Nativity to you. I feel the same way, »a mix of emotions all the time » and my kiddos are grown. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and experiences.