September 14, 2021

Foggy field

This morning we woke up to see fog.  It's the 4th night we've been here in the smaller house on our new property in upstate New York.  Hannah was here to help us move, unload and clean the house.  She's now driving out to Oregon!

Yesterday we walked through our field of goldenrod, burdock and milkweed to find a recently cut field, belonging to our Amish neighbors, with red clover and many butterflies.  The boys ran and tried to catch one.  The neighbors have two horses and a three-month-old foal, who followed Paul along fence line and wanted to be pet.  I forgot my camera, but we'll be back there soon.

We have mint and lemon balm growing in our yard.  I plan to get more herbs in 2022.

There are two apple trees and we've gotten quite a few so far.  I want to make apple pie later today.

This is the church in Jordanville.  Up the hill is the cemetery where my father's grave is...we hope to plant mums there this weekend.  My mother is coming to visit!
Before and after (below) of our living room.  We still don't have running water, or a kitchen sink set up, bathroom is in process, and we're currently using the outhouse.  We have 5.3 acres and met a milking cow that we plan to buy once we have a fence.  We'd like to get chickens.
Little by little.  Hope your week is going well!


pleximama said...

How exciting to have all these changes! I'm praying for your transition.

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh my goodness!! Such changes. I am excited for you, but what a distance, to New York! The acreage and opportunities sound wonderful. May God bless you and give you peace. I hope you have time to write lots of newsy blog posts about your new surroundings, with pictures of snow and fun. <3