November 10, 2018


I ordered these beautiful earrings, as gifts, here's a referral link:
I will get a credit if anyone uses this link to purchase.  The vendor is called "Silverfish LA," but there are a lot of other products, too.
They're handcrafted in the USA... and made of reclaimed wood & sterling silver or 24 karat gold.  If you have someone who you are really grateful for...this would be a unique & nice gift.
 He's 1 week old!  She will be his Godmother.
Big sisters and big brother have been so sweet with him.  This is my mom's 14th grandchild, there are 7 girls & 7 boys now.

November 4, 2018

It's a boy!

This is George Frederick.  He arrived at 6:10 pm yesterday, weighing 9 pounds even & was 21.5 inches long.
Paul is a happy big brother.  I will have to share photos of him with 2 big sisters soon, too.  
Eyes open!

October 30, 2018


Paul has been on a mostly gluten-free diet for 6 months now.  Pamela's baking & pancake mix has become one of our favorites.  We made yam biscuits with it.  Usually we make pancakes.  Making waffles with the mix is also really easy & they turn out scrumptious.
Soccer season is over for Olivia.  I think last fall was better, because they had a separate varsity & junior varsity.  This year, they had one team, basically and she didn't get to play as much.  She still enjoyed it.
 We love pomegranates!
Leaves are changing colors around here & they're so pretty.  Band is done for Hannah & Olivia now, too.  It was a busy fall for them, but we enjoyed hearing them get better & better. 

October 15, 2018

Apple pie

We got granny smith apples!  They're great eaten as is...and also delicious baked.  Last night we had pie.
I like to bake 2 things at the same time, and so halved a spaghetti squash.
We had the 1st fire in our woodstove.  Paul had a giant marshmallow.
Band photos from a them!  They qualified for state last week!!

October 8, 2018

Mary and Chris

Yesterday we went to a beautiful wedding. We have known Mary, the bride for 25 years.  She's 10 years younger than me, but was like a little sister in many ways.  Her husband, Chris, I met at least 5 years ago.  He's very nice and recommended Anthem by Ayn Rand back then, which I think is a really good novella.
In the meantime, these cousins got to spend the afternoon together.
Our friend, Sarah, and her mom (below), who we also have known for 25 years...and my sister's husband...and my mom.
It was such pretty spot!  This was the view of the Ohio River.  Many years to the newlyweds, Mary & Chris!

September 25, 2018

St. Euphrosynos

Trader Joe's caramel is SO good. He licked the caramel sauce off, only ate a few apples slices.  Yesterday was St. Euphrosynos day.  You can read his life here.
The homecoming parade...Olivia held the banner.  Hannah did it last year!
Angelica was baptised! 
My sister and her husband had a cookout at their house after.  I had cider in these cute cups they found.
My 13 year old niece made this beautiful raspberry & chocolate cake for after the baptism.
I made small cookies.  I used dried powered beets to make the icing pink.
Later that day, my girls went to the homecoming dance.
I love all their smiles!