March 10, 2018

Our favorite tree

My niece and Olivia went shopping together.  Paul wanted to follow them everywhere.
Hair cut!  Nicely done at our local Great Clips for only $5.99.  We gave a tip!
Richard Scarry is his favorite right now.  His illustrations are fun to talk about.  
My girls love their Instax camera!
Please pray for my grandfather.  He is 95 years old.  This photo, I took at our last visit the end of May 2017.  He's Paul's only living great grandparent.  He fell yesterday and there's blood on his brain, the doctors can't do anything.  He has always been kind and gentle, soft-spoken and smiles a lot.  I will miss him.

March 3, 2018

Warming up

This is the Guernsey cow, named Nelly, who we just milked.
We peeked in on the new chicks and admired the full grown hens and beautiful rooster.
It's really nice to walk around the farm.  
Hannah took the ACT in school, while Olivia test drove a bigger car she designed in her 1st bell class on Tuesday.  
Painting, inspired by fruit at the Red Balloon on Tuesday.  Every week, I have a class and it's always fun to see the kids get creative.  My vision of still life paintings is more appropriate for children who are older, but they still seemed to like talking about what they like to eat and were anxious to finish their paintings and eat this fruit...
I just finished this book on the right, The Mirrored World, historical fiction of the life of Saint Xenia written from her cousin, Dasha's perspective.
We visited a friend on Wednesday, she has a little rocking chair, that was used and appreciated.
Timothy is 4 years old.  Paul adores his cousin, they are a year and half apart...and will be better and better friends as they grow.
We got the hammock out!  Warmer weather is here and sunshine!!
Taking Carlee for a walk.  She's feeling better.  She's hard to walk, though, sees a squirrel or another dog and just lunges, she doesn't understand that cars coming down the road are dangerous, so we're working with her.

February 23, 2018

Wall hanging

I started a sampler of the basic stitch Tunisian crochet, in the photo, it's the square look on the lower 2 inches.  Then, I tried out the Gobelin stitch & loved it...and decided this was going to be a wall hanging.
I started using my crochet hook and made the blue dimensional section as you would with latch hook for a rug.  Beach wood.  Next I want to find bulky yellow ochre yarn & fringe...
My husband bought me this bag from an Etsy shop, Portland Leather, it was on sale for $96 and I think that's a lot, but you pay more for quality (thick leather, no plastic parts, made by a person, not a machine in a factory, fair wages and made in USA).
Carlee at the vet this afternoon...she has hookworms!  She's got the 1st dose of meds in her...
Pretty plates...made in the USA.  We can let Paul take them outside, drop them, and they don't break...and made of recycled materials!
We celebrated my father-in-laws birthday Sunday, he had surgery in Tues.  All went well, thank God.  Hopefully recovery will go just as well.
I wish I could take this class:
Inspiration in this book I got at our library:
The back, I really love the dimensions of this piece:
And another piece I'm inspired by, these are the colors I want to use, more muted, natural colors:
It's been a good first week of Great Lent.  We went to extra church services & are trying to make our life quiet and simple.

February 16, 2018

Rainy days

It was a balmy 68 yesterday.  That was high.  The low was 58, still too warm for winter.  I wish we had colder weather and all this rain were snow.

And mud!  With a dog, muddy footprints through the house...
Grilled cheese and tomato soup kind of day.
After church yesterday...these boys hanging out.
Chocolate lips!
We went out for pizza.
 Storytime at the library ends in music...
My husband bought me this bag, made in USA.
 On Valentine's day...
We got an Italian cream soda, made with 2 oz. caramel syrup, Perrier and half & half.  So good!
Life is good!!