July 30, 2016

A bit of sadness

I didn't want to share the sad news, but our 6 chicks died.  We let them out in the grass many times, watching them (and returning them to their tub covered with a screen and heat lamp), so my husband built them a grassy run.  I guess I felt they were safe, and let them stay there overnight, the first night was fine, second night, they escaped, and I was shocked to find feathers, instead of happy chirping chicks when I went to feed them in the morning...
My birthday outing to downtown Chicago and Navy Pier
We spent the week with Rita, who is like an extra grandma.
 Sunglasses love...
We are so proud of Hannah, who started a fire and passed the other tests to earn a level 3 blue badge at camp.
 Photo after services for Sts. Peter and Paul.
 Our girls in their camp uniform.

July 7, 2016

Green grape jam

When I realized the squirrels are eating our grapes...I decided it was time to taste a few.  They are tart, but good.
Happy squirrel munching, through the back door screen...
This is the recipe I'm following:
This little guy watched me...
Starting to cook...
I got a quart and a pint out of it.  Tastes like rhubarb compote...sweet and tart.  I think it would be great on crepes with some sour cream.

June 27, 2016

Hello 15

Hannah is now 15 years old!  We had a blueberry cheesecake Sunday evening to celebrate...

I hope little Paul is paying attention, he's 9 months old...just 3 more months until he turns 1.  He might need some help blowing the candle on his cake out.
We went to the festival at the Greek Orthodox church.  We ate gyros for lunch.  Lots of fun rides.  Next time, I want to get their baklava ice cream sundae...

June 20, 2016


Although it's felt like summer this past month, today us the first day of summer.  It's another hot and humid day.  I just laid baby Paul down for his morning nap...he was sticky and sweaty from nursing.
Riding bikes in the empty parking lot last night...
Rob parents, sister (and niece) and littlest brother came over yesterday for dinner.
 Outdoor pizza oven deliciousness!
Paul nibbled on a pork chop bone.
We got six chicks about 2 weeks ago...hopefully all are hens (for laying eggs)!
We went to Young's dairy on of the places we loved to go with my dad!  We got ice cream, fed the baby goats.  I noticed that their cows are smaller (Jerseys) than the cows I've been milking weekly (Guernseys).  We all had lemon custard ice cream, the flavor of the week!  Yum!
 Summer concert in the park (every Tuesday now)...Paul fell asleep on Grammie's lap. ♥
P.S. I lost my memory card and have neglected my blog, but that's life...

May 30, 2016


We spent the past week in NY.  Tuesday May 24th was 1 year since Dad passed away.  We had a memorial service at his grave.
11 sister just had an ultrasound and found out that she's expecting a boy in the fall.  So there will be 12 grandchildren to love Grammie and keep her busy...6 girls and 6 boys!
It was Olivia's 13th birthday yesterday ..she got her ears pierced!
Hannah inside Green Cottage where my cousin Zoya works.
It's Memorial day...remember those who've gone from this life.  Treasure your time together now.

May 20, 2016

Big eyes

Isn't this funny?  My husband is a quiet person, rarely makes silly faces.  Bright and round eyes for both these guys!
 8 months old now and crawling all over the house
 Rob's brother went fishing and shared some of the fish with was so good.
And Paul loves applesauce!