August 22, 2017

91% eclipse

Shadows through the mimosa tree during the eclipse, love the crescent moon shapes.
The colander was a nice little helmet.  Paul just didn't 
understand about the eclipse and thought we were playing outside.  It was also pretty cool to look through.
You can't tell that the sun is probably 80% covered at this point, but there is a little crescent that reflected in the bottom of the photograph.  We also viewed the eclipse through my husband's welding helmet.
My sister gave me this for my birthday and I finally got around to painting all the states we've been to so far, after it dried, I added the year we went to each state for the first time, since we've been married.  We need to go to Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

August 10, 2017

Ohio River

It's my niece's birthday today.  Her dad took the day off work and took us out on the motor boat on the Ohio River.
 That's the Cincinnati Reds baseball stadium behind the girls.
 And the beautiful suspension bridge.  Below, is the yellow bridge, which they call the Big Mac bridge, guess because they are yellow arches like McDonald's.
Paul went on the Giant Bubba raft that we trailed behind the motor boat just once, while we were still.
 All the girls!  Beautiful skies today.
 Timmy fell asleep and so did Paul.
We're lucky mamas.

August 7, 2017

Colors of summer

Hannah took this photo of Rob, Paul and I last night.  Our grapevine behind us is full of green and the grapes are delicious right now.
We took the sailboat and paddleboard out to Cowan State Park after church yesterday.  All the state parks in Ohio have free admission, which I think is awesome!
Paul wanted to start the motor, he tried to pull the cord several times, but isn't fast enough.  We had enough wind to sail, and didn't need to use it.
Alabama fish bar....this is a great place to get fried fish, but sadly it's not in the best neighborhood.  Still worth a trip there, but we get it to-go.
 I love all the colors.  Nearby is Findlay Market, where they have a great place to get pho, woven baskets, fresh flowers, vegetables, fruit, honey, chocolate, gelato, etc.
Festival nearby us...Paul rode on a mini airplane with me.  I wish I'd remembered that centrifugal force would make me squish him, I should've sat on the outside!  Oh well.  I keep learning.  Everyday.

July 31, 2017

40 years old

Mowing the grass at Grandpa's today was really fun, Rob started off with Paul on his lap, and Olivia and Hannah also took turns helping.
After, we went to the state park and enjoyed the lake; Rob on his sailboat, the beach, pretty hollyhocks growing by the shore, sand and sun...
Someone got all wet.
He found a melting chocolate bar in the van.  He asks for "coco," often.
Chocolate face again.  This time due to a banana chocolate chip muffin.  And I turned 40 over the weekend.  We spend 8 hours at the final swim meet of the summer, both of the girls did a great job in their races...sadly, I forgot the memory card, although I had the camera, so I couldn't take any photos. 
Grammie came with us to pick Hannah up from camp.  Paul wanted to drive her car. 

July 24, 2017

Our teenagers

She's 14 years old.  Saturday morning she won 2 medals in her junior lifeguard competition!  She plans to work next summer as a lifeguard.
Hannah holding Paul, taking an extra nap, because had a fever...cutting in his 2 year molars. 
And we watched Olivia play soccer.  Their team has pink shirts!
Then, yesterday we dropped Hannah off at camp for a week.  Saying goodbye...
 It looks pretty...a lot of green here.

July 19, 2017

Hot days...

We got some kombucha from Fab Ferments.  This is beet and ginger.  Isn't it a pretty color?  It has been hot...almost one month into summer.  Kombucha is finally something I'm liking, it's taken a while...and now I think it's refreshing in this heat.
 We went to the pool with my sister and her family.
Swimming lesson with Natasha.