August 18, 2016

11 months old

Paul is 11 months old today...he has 7 teeth, likes to pull the wool from this sheepskin rug, favorite food is apples, loves nursing, stands alone, crawls fast, likes being chased, wants to do what his big sisters do (like play piano or look to see what they're doing if reading a book), says "Da da" and "Ma ma" and claps his hands!  
He's been a little fussier than usual lately, his cousin has "hand, foot and mouth" and we think he has it, too, but nothing on his hands, only a little red spot below his lip and a bunch of his feet (knees and bottom, too). 
Time flies...when you're little.  Growing up so fast!  In a month he'll be a year old. He's counting backwards:
Not sure where the photo on the sheepskin is for the next 3 months! I'm sure we did it every month.
 8 months - teething, a little sad looking ♥
 7 months - eating cantaloupe!
6 months - all smiles!
 And the 1st month!  So tiny. 
And 0 months - newborn ♥

August 6, 2016

Holtman's donuts

This is what's for brekkie this Saturday morning...
Local to Cincinnati and recently featured in the Edible Ohio magazine...we decided to make a trip to visit this shop, Holtman's donuts!  It was well worth the trip.  We got a dozen for $12.
 We also went to Off the Vine, just down the street for some fresh juice to celebrate Hannah's namesday!  It was a nice outing with Grammie. ♥  Walking around the city, seeing so much pretty stuff, like mosaics, old architecture, bicycles for rent, friendly people, etc.
This colorful rug is 100% wool, but $799 at IKEA.
We love this mustard yellow chair only $139, we ended up buying a colorful rug for $49 that we put in the girls bedroom. 
My 10 year old niece (who will be 11 in a few days) and 10 month old boy.  We went paddle boating! 
 And a little wool yarn macrame sample I started...

July 30, 2016

A bit of sadness

I didn't want to share the sad news, but our 6 chicks died.  We let them out in the grass many times, watching them (and returning them to their tub covered with a screen and heat lamp), so my husband built them a grassy run.  I guess I felt they were safe, and let them stay there overnight, the first night was fine, second night, they escaped, and I was shocked to find feathers, instead of happy chirping chicks when I went to feed them in the morning...
My birthday outing to downtown Chicago and Navy Pier
We spent the week with Rita, who is like an extra grandma.
 Sunglasses love...
We are so proud of Hannah, who started a fire and passed the other tests to earn a level 3 blue badge at camp.
 Photo after services for Sts. Peter and Paul.
 Our girls in their camp uniform.

July 7, 2016

Green grape jam

When I realized the squirrels are eating our grapes...I decided it was time to taste a few.  They are tart, but good.
Happy squirrel munching, through the back door screen...
This is the recipe I'm following:
This little guy watched me...
Starting to cook...
I got a quart and a pint out of it.  Tastes like rhubarb compote...sweet and tart.  I think it would be great on crepes with some sour cream.

June 27, 2016

Hello 15

Hannah is now 15 years old!  We had a blueberry cheesecake Sunday evening to celebrate...

I hope little Paul is paying attention, he's 9 months old...just 3 more months until he turns 1.  He might need some help blowing the candle on his cake out.
We went to the festival at the Greek Orthodox church.  We ate gyros for lunch.  Lots of fun rides.  Next time, I want to get their baklava ice cream sundae...