May 12, 2021


This bunch of lettuce grew in our backyard, without us planting it, between a few bricks, we did have this variety that we sowed by seed in the very back of our garden last year.  

Our rhubarb flowered, so I cut it so it can focus it's energy on the stalks and leaves.  It was so tall I just had to take a photo of someone beside it first...
There is also an adundance of dainty blue flowers on the borage.
Our nearby YMCA is filling up the pool today.  We're looking forward to swimming outdoors soon.
Checking the chicken coop for eggs daily.  Our hosta are full now and their leaves are just beautiful! And the 1st radish:

May 8, 2021


Today is Olivia's senior prom!  She'll graduate in 2 weeks.  How time flies!!  
I took those with my good camera...and these on my phone:

They went out to eat here before going to dance.

May 3, 2021


Yesterday we celebrated Pascha!  So, Christ is Risen!  We had a midnight church service and all 6 of us went.  We went to my mom's house for dinner yesterday.  Bright Monday Liturgy this morning.  Do you know the story of the RED egg?  Mary Magdalene, who was equal to the Apostles, wanted to spread the news of Christ's Resurrection.  Due to her status as a Roman patrician, she was able to get an audience with the emperor, Tiberius Caesar. The emperor scoffed, “How could a man rise from the dead? It’s as impossible as this white egg turning red!” Immediately, the egg turned a brilliant red color. Many icons of St. Mary Magdalene show her with a red egg.  And so, we color eggs with yellow onion skins boiled in water.  
Our youngest is officially 2 and a half!  He's still breastfeeding.  I am trying to get him to drink more cow's milk, but he begs and cries for mama milk several times a day.  We've been getting local Snowville Creamery milk, which is nice.  I'm thankful I've been able to breastfeed.  
Have a great week!

April 28, 2021


This is cheese Pascha in the wooden mould.  

We have healthy lettuce growing between bricks!  That glass block window has a vent where the dryer lets out hot air and lint, as you can see... I think the warmth from the dryer vent helped this lettuce grow.
View of the full moon from our kitchen window in the morning.
Jungle Jim's international of our favorite spots to buy exotic items.  I got salami, smoked gouda, a bottle of rosé for Pascha, Annie's cheddar bunnies for the kids, quality chocolate, a few gifts, like the Swedish sponge cloth with puppy on it.  Didn't get a ukulele, they were $40 and up, but let the boys both hold one and try it.  
Hiked on Monday morning with a few friends.
Beautiful cloud formations early one morning.
Hannah had clothes to pass on to her cousins.  It was fun to see them go through and pick out what they wanted!
Palm Sunday craft with friends after church!
Reading Tintin at home with Dad.
Made a few more amazonite bracelets!
He made a Lego round table and chairs, like Jesus and His disciples (well just 3 of them) at the Last Supper.
Extra church services this week in preparation for the feast and midnight Pascha service this weekend for us!  

April 21, 2021

Making and baking

I crocheted this!  The easiest part was when I made the tassel, on the zipper ...and gave it to a sweet 3 year old girl I know.

Talking about Palm Sunday and the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, with the two younger children while they color.

I've baked a few batches of kulich!  I have 11 that are in the freezer. I plan to give away half of them and have a list of friends who prefer it with raisins or not.  I have one more GF kulich batch that I plan to do.  And then on to making cheese Pascha next week!

This morning we woke to fresh snow.  Can you see the video?  Very unusual for April in southern Ohio, but so pretty.  That's my mom and (baby) me below.  She taught me how to whistle with grass.  And more bracelets I've made!  I just mailed another one out to Sophia in NY.
Painted rocks just for fun!  After all, we got a load of rocks last week...
Olivia had her 3rd indoor colorguard competition, which was filmed and sent in to the judges.  I thought it was great! 
Now, I plan to start on making another zippered fabric pouch with crocheted cover.

April 15, 2021

Quality time

How do you show you care for someone?  Showing them respect, calling them by their name, or doing something meaningful together?   A friend gave me this pretty green, white and pink house plant, as a thank you for watching her daughter.  
Many many violets this year!  I intended to make jelly, but we made violet lemonade instead!
It was good!  Pour 3 cups of boiling water over 2 cups of violets (or enough to cover the violets) in a glass bowl and let steep for a few hours, until cooled, then strain.  We added 1/2 cup lemon juice to the violet water and like magic, it turns from a blue to pink!  I added about a cup of sugar and mixed well.  Then it was SO sweet, we added more water to taste.
We went to three parks so far this week.  
Spending quality time together is important and we do have the quantity, but it's often not quality.  So, an emphasis on what we can do together, whether it's a chore (we watched the movie Mary Poppins last week and singing while tidying can make it enjoyable), or something the child or adult chooses.  We take turns deciding who gets to choose.  In my opinion, watching a movie doesn't count!  Also, it can be as quick as 2 minutes, or maybe 2 hours (making bread together, as we are today)!  

Will YOU share your favorite way to spend quality time together?