February 5, 2016


I helped a friend milk a cow...
It was a beautiful morning, but chilly...only 19' Fahrenheit.  Hopefully, I'll be helping out every Friday morning milking Sally, the Jersey cow.  Or is it Guernsey?  What's the difference??  I looked it up on Wikipedia, and they are both a reddish colored cow.  We got to take the milk home.
 Okay, back to work!
 My turn to give some milk...
Hannah playing the piano with Paul...he really likes it!

February 3, 2016

Slouchy hat and books

 Paul is sick today, coughing a bunch and congested all night.  We read Little Humans together this morning.
I'm reading The Woman who Walked in Sunshine the 17th book in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novel series, which take place in Botswana.  And I'm crocheting another slouchy hat, this time with baby alpaca yarn (my 3rd one...2nd one here and 1st one here) and if you want to make one here is the pattern:
It's been a long time since I've joined in with the Yarn Along!  If you want to join in, click here:
 He loves to grab fists full of hair.  So loved ♥

January 29, 2016


Maybe a friendship is starting...
 I gave Hannah a haircut.
 Wearing the "I love my sister" t-shirt!
We made cupcakes last week...they were very good!  And for hot cocoa, we warmed up some chocolate almond milk.
This evening, we used soda pop tabs and also some from sardine tins with polymer clay to make Russian nesting dolls, and other little items, just for fun. 
Also, a peek at our mushrooms this week:
 They grew even more...
We chopped them up and cooked them. 
A perfect size box for Paul!  We took him around for a little ride in it, he really seemed to like it.

January 22, 2016


My sister gave us a mini mushroom farm kit. This photo I took early this's grown so much overnight!
 This photo I took yesterday. 
Hannah during piano lessons...that's my sister's dog under the piano bench.  Every Tuesday, Tina comes to their house for piano lessons, for my 2 oldest nieces, and so we go there, too, for Hannah's piano lessons.  She is also taking voice lessons from Tina, she's already feeling she can hit the high notes, as a result.  
 Creative time!
 My nieces busy painting tiny pots, while
their 1 year old brother takes a nap!
Rob making homemade pasta.
Olivia really wants our cat, Velvet, to like Paul.  She just doesn't seem to care about him, but loves hanging out in his bedroom (she was sleeping in his crib, whenever he wasn't) and now on his sheepskin rug.  Soon, she will love him, when he starts dropping food from the high chair.  ♥

January 19, 2016


Theophany is the appearance of God, specifically the Trinity.  When Thou was baptised in the Jordan, O Lord, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest!
Colleen is the wife of Paul's Godfather, John, she took Paul to the dismissal, venerating of the cross and sprinkling holy water!  That's her daughter, Kiranna, taking prosphora.  And below, my oldest daughter...
 Colleen had a drink of the newly blessed water
and then gave Paul a little.
The sun shone beautifully today, although 
I think it was high of 22'F...very cold. 
 Filling up jars to take home.
My nephew, Timmy, and son, Paul...we
read books together after church.

January 13, 2016

We finally got snow!

It snowed here.  The grass isn't completely covered, but it's pretty.  Paul and I went for a little walk in the snow yesterday. 
I love how my niece is dresses, she's such a little lady.
Paul's first time sitting in the high chair, with a blanket and pillow for support.
My nephew sleeping, he is the one who we get so many clothes from...he's a year older than Paul.
Today, we went to the Red Balloon play cafe.  The girls created...  Then played, even little Paul got involved.
These two cousins are such good friends.  Just 2 years apart.
I hope you're keeping warm!