September 23, 2019

Rubble on a cake

FOUR years ago, this boy was born in this house.  Our 1st homebirth.  It was pretty amazing to know I had the support & strength to give birth naturally.  A midwife was with us the whole time.  When our girls were born, in hospitals, all was fine.  You're expected to be hooked up to an IV just in case (both times, nearing the end, I took pain relief, but wished I'd been patient) and not encouraged to walk or eat.  Also, so much less expensive.  And the next day, peaceful, no nurses coming in to wake you up and take your blood pressure....  Overall, I'm a person who likes things natural. 
Olivia after her 1st colorguard show in their new costumes.  They had their 1st competition, did well, but didn't place.
 Dad grilling & Paul waiting for his friends.
Singing "happy birthday!"
We celebrated Paul's 4th birthday twice.  On the day, we had a simple blueberry cake, at home, then a few days later, we celebrated with friends and put Rubble, the bulldog from Paw Patrol (a popular kid's series, we got a few books & 2 movies from our library recently) atop a cake I made.  It was a fun & festive gathering.
George is a good hugger and gives big kisses.
 He'll be ONE in about a month & a week!
Happy Fall!

September 16, 2019

The moon

Last night and again this morning, we looked at the moon.  It was a full moon a few days ago and still looks round & bright.  It moves, but we know where to look for it and a few constellations.  I wish I had a planisphere. 
It's amazing what fresh air can do.  More oxygen and sleep comes easier.
Elegant lemonade & two beautiful bottles of wine to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight.  A Monday evening celebration!
I hope to look at the moon & stars again.

September 5, 2019

Renaissance festival

We went to the Renaissance festival on Monday, Labor day.  Nice to have an extra day to make the weekend long.  We shared 2 giant turkey legs.  $9 each. 
The girls each got a beautiful & scrumptious pineapple dole whip, served in a half pineapple.  I got a slice of cheesecake dipped in chocolate for $5.
Kayaking!  I love to use the stand-up paddleboard, but it isn't safe with a little one.
My Sunday school class, we read about the Creation (this is the lesson plan for that, I love the curriculum, but to be perfectly honest, I don't like that Children's Bible Reader, I have Arthur Maxwell's Bible story from my childhood & love it).  We made moon and star mobiles:
1st time making pho at home, I'll work on making a better soft boiled egg:
10 months old now!! He took 6 steps to his big sis, Hannah.  Still stands from a squat a lot. Almost walking more than crawling, but he holds on to the couch or coffee table for support.
I hope you're having a great week! 

August 26, 2019

1st day of class

I wonder how Hannah's 1st day of classes are going so far.  Her day starts at 8am 5 days a week this semester.
Friday, the boys and I went to the convocation with over 7,000 incoming freshmen and parents here.
They gave all the incoming freshman a red shirt...and a red hat (the president of the university spoke about how you can trade it in for their university graduation cap in 4 years), several speakers, the band played, it was exciting.  I felt the sense of unity & community even in such a large group.

I pray & hope she has a great time there today, starting out on this new path, meeting new people and learning!

August 19, 2019

Blessing fruit

Paul and his friend, Andrei, as the baskets of fruit are blessed this morning.  I love the feast of our Lord's Transfiguration on Mt Tabor.
George loved this apple!  It's hot now.  I took the shirt underneath off this afternoon.  He's been standing on his own often.  He will be walking soon.
Love these smiles!  Olivia and Paul got kona ice.
We picked all the pears off our tree this past week.
I started baking Russian nesting doll cookies for our church festival.  I freeze them.  Then the day before, I ice them with pretty colourful sprinkles and draw faces using edible ink markers.
Olivia's 1st day of 11th grade.  A junior!
 Standing so much!
 Kisses from Hannah!
I had an hour massage at this spa in Mariemont using points I've been saving up from Aveda.  My back feels better.  I wish health insurance covered this...seems to be good for our overall health.
We made bookmarks with fabric scraps.
Have a great week!