January 10, 2020

You are not alone

Yesterday, I met with my counselor for an hour.  I started last month after coming to a point where it was obvious I needed help.  Today, it's been 6 weeks since I've started taking 50 mg of sertraline daily.  I've kept it a secret except from my immediate family, because I've been ashamed that I couldn't take care of things myself.  I do think it's helping my control my mood extremes.  I want my family & friends to be around me, not step back because I'm obnoxiously friendly or brooding.  I've been both.  I wonder if I'm bipolar.  I am trying to trust in God more, ask Him to help me when I can't seem to function...
One thing I'm doing is devoting more time to things I like to do.  I plan to read this book.  And just finished this one (below) last night!  It was written beautifully, set about 100 years ago, about sisters who were neglected as young girls and are now old women...
One of the best things a friend said to me is "You are not alone."  We all struggle.

January 9, 2020

What makes you smile?

20 things that make me smile:

Sunshine on my face
A baby falling asleep in my arms
Seeing someone help another
A clean house
Brie en croute
Bare feet
The stars at night
Fresh air
The moon
Birds chirping
A good book
Being kissed

Yesterday, George repeatedly climbed up the chairs and stood on the table.  Paul said "I'm sad because now we will have to put away our table...where will we eat dinner?" He remembered that 2 weeks ago we put the coffee table away (George was standing on that numerous times everyday and falling).  We will keep the dining room table, and try to be patient through this stage.  But it made me laugh.  What makes you smile or laugh?

January 8, 2020

Thoughts on Nativity

Yesterday, we celebrated our Lord God's birth.  Having children has helped me realize that although we love them and want to mould them, they are unique and have a plan.  How did the Theotokos feel when her Son was crucified and resurrected?  I'm a mix of emotions, all the time....
We gave and received....
Homemade giant bath bombs (from my sister in Canada).  Chocolate for my mom (from my other sister in Oregon) which she generously shared with us!
We had a festive day and lovely dinner at my mom's house, with my one sister (who lives nearby) and her family.
Olivia's arm extended, trying to get Paul in, but he was busy playing.
And these 2 one year old cousins with their matching knit bonnets!
This morning brekkie was eggs and rosemary bread (that my niece made for us).
Hope you enjoy your time with family & friends today.  And remember to thank God for all things!  
P.S. Thank you to Melinda who has a gift for bringing people together.

November 20, 2019

12 months of stickers

As your child gets older, these cute little monthly stickers become more of a challenge.  Anyhow, he's 12 months old, now!

September 23, 2019

Rubble on a cake

FOUR years ago, this boy was born in this house.  Our 1st homebirth.  It was pretty amazing to know I had the support & strength to give birth naturally.  A midwife was with us the whole time.  When our girls were born, in hospitals, all was fine.  You're expected to be hooked up to an IV just in case (both times, nearing the end, I took pain relief, but wished I'd been patient) and not encouraged to walk or eat.  Also, so much less expensive.  And the next day, peaceful, no nurses coming in to wake you up and take your blood pressure....  Overall, I'm a person who likes things natural. 
Olivia after her 1st colorguard show in their new costumes.  They had their 1st competition, did well, but didn't place.
 Dad grilling & Paul waiting for his friends.
Singing "happy birthday!"
We celebrated Paul's 4th birthday twice.  On the day, we had a simple blueberry cake, at home, then a few days later, we celebrated with friends and put Rubble, the bulldog from Paw Patrol (a popular kid's series, we got a few books & 2 movies from our library recently) atop a cake I made.  It was a fun & festive gathering.
George is a good hugger and gives big kisses.
 He'll be ONE in about a month & a week!
Happy Fall!

September 16, 2019

The moon

Last night and again this morning, we looked at the moon.  It was a full moon a few days ago and still looks round & bright.  It moves, but we know where to look for it and a few constellations.  I wish I had a planisphere. 
It's amazing what fresh air can do.  More oxygen and sleep comes easier.
Elegant lemonade & two beautiful bottles of wine to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight.  A Monday evening celebration!
I hope to look at the moon & stars again.

September 5, 2019

Renaissance festival

We went to the Renaissance festival on Monday, Labor day.  Nice to have an extra day to make the weekend long.  We shared 2 giant turkey legs.  $9 each. 
The girls each got a beautiful & scrumptious pineapple dole whip, served in a half pineapple.  I got a slice of cheesecake dipped in chocolate for $5.
Kayaking!  I love to use the stand-up paddleboard, but it isn't safe with a little one.
My Sunday school class, we read about the Creation (this is the lesson plan for that, I love the curriculum, but to be perfectly honest, I don't like that Children's Bible Reader, I have Arthur Maxwell's Bible story from my childhood & love it).  We made moon and star mobiles:
1st time making pho at home, I'll work on making a better soft boiled egg:
10 months old now!! He took 6 steps to his big sis, Hannah.  Still stands from a squat a lot. Almost walking more than crawling, but he holds on to the couch or coffee table for support.
I hope you're having a great week!