March 23, 2019


We had a knitting gathering today!  I'm trying to finish this massive project, but starting the Selene scarf from we are knitters!
My niece made this cute little guy with 2 button eyes.
We went up this windowed elevator, such a cool view from the top.
It's definitely spring.  Nice to spend more time outside and on our porch in the hammock swing.
My brother-in-law made this oak shelf:
And this afternoon we celebrated my Godson's birthday!

March 17, 2019

Leprechaun laugh

Ok, so maybe he's not really a leprechaun, but his little laugh is worth sharing today.

March 16, 2019


First thing this oldest and youngest child.  Love them so much!!  George is 19 weeks old today.
Play dough snakes, he said they curled up and went to sleep.
Uncle Mitch is so fun, he taught us the Baby Shark song.
I made almond milk earlier this week.  Fasting during Great Lent is hard.  There are so many good foods, but I currently have a stomach ache.  The culprit?  Carroft & cabbage salad, I believe.  I have to watch beans, too, since I'm breastfeeding George.  He gets really fussy.
This is a 1967 Airstream Caravel.  We brought it to Georgia with us & actually lived in it for a few weeks.  It needs cleaning up.
May there always be sunshine!  Blue skies!  Words from a song I learned while working at a preschool, it was written in 1962 in the Soviet Union.  My fav light, a Himalayan salt lamp, It has a warm glow & we use it as a night light.

March 9, 2019


Paul using his new washable paints on the IKEA easel.  He bought paints & a little Lego set. He won a $15 giftcard for Target from his dentist office for a coloring contest.  It wasn't his artistic taken, but a random drawing.  View of Cincinnati, Ohio from I-71 in Kentucky, below.
It's really nice when both of my youngest children take a nap at the same time.  The teenagers even take naps sometimes, well, we all can benefit from a refreshing siesta midday!
4 month check up yesterday! George is now 14 pounds 4 ounces.
Later in the day, in his Godmother's arms, smiling.
And we are headed to Richmond, IN today for a memorial for my father-in-law who passed away 2 months ago.  We had his burial in January, already, but others wanted to do something later.

March 1, 2019

toes and stuff

George started holding his feet & toes, when he is having his diaper changed.  He makes sounds like he's having a conversation with you.
Paul sewed a button on his bear.  I am amazed at his fine motor skills, even if it's not perfect.
Our cousins from Canada were here!
Celebrating Timmy's birthday...  George was making a monster face like their shirts, I realized after he wet his diaper so through, we had to change his clothes.  Big sister, Juliana, made Timmy a ninja cake & it was scrumptious!
We went to the Air Force Museum, because Olivia had a dance competition near it.  Her dance team did really well, two 1st place trophies & a 2nd place trophy.
 Cool shark painting on this one:
Baker Creek Seeds sowed indoors.  We'll plant the rest straight in the ground outdoors after the chance of frost.

February 19, 2019


Valentine's day balloon for him & chocolate hearts for the girls.  Nothing for the baby, but next year, he would like a balloon.  He has been looking at this one intently the past few days.  Someone special got the boys each a soft stuffed animal:
We're peeling off the plastic & painting the kitchen cabinets (if it were nice wood, we wouldn't, but it's particle board), and it's looking fresh & pretty!
Love these 4 kids:
Paul & I went to the chiropractor yesterday and got adjusted.
We went to IKEA.