October 27, 2015

Our garden, after the frost

About a week ago we had a frost here.  I went to pick all the green tomatoes a few days before as the weather forecast was saying it would frost.  The tomato plants were still good looking, and now they're shriveled and brown. What is left of the onions are still fine.  Rob harvested some sweet potatoes, things that are underground are unaffected by the frost.
My sister from Canada and her family are visiting.
I made a tres leches cake for us to enjoy (Rob's sister, niece, my sister and her 4 kids came- so that was 11, would be 12 if Paul could eat) in celebrating Paul's 1 month "birthday!"

October 16, 2015

4 weeks old

 We cut out the letter on the scroll saw and painted them.  Look at that face...he's starting to smile and hold his neck up himself!  He's 4 weeks old today.
It seems that when they are newborns, they smile in their sleep and when they are drifting off to sleep...
Olivia and Paul at 6:07am one morning this week.

October 12, 2015

Cloth diapers

Since Paul's birth we've used no disposable diapers...100% cloth diapers.  I used all disposable diapers when the girls were babies, but there is SO many cloth alternatives available nowadays.  Most of the diapers were given to us, either used or new ones as gifts. 
I wanted to use cloth wipes, too, but we bought some. I have been using flannel cut into 6x6" squares as wipes with water and a bit of lavender essential oils, some of the time.  We are doing laundry at least every 48 hours, so that everything is fresh and clean. 

Hanging the diapers on the clothesline is supposed to help with is a beautiful sunshiny day.  I see lots of yellow on the diapers, but I know they are clean, so that's not big deal.
My mom came over and babysat Paul today.  I had to drive to the bureau of vital statistics to make sure everything was turned in and signed to get his birth certificate.  That's something you don't usually have to do when your baby is born in the hospital.  When you have a home birth, you have to mail it or turn it in within 10 days, since I was late, I had to have extra paper work filled out...  $24 is the final cost and his birth certificate will be mailed to us.
 A little friend came over for a visit.  He's just a month older.
I went for a walk around the neighborhood with him in the Moby wrap.  Hannah wore it one day this past week and asked "Is this how is feels to be pregnant?"  She said it was hot and heavy.  And after seeing me in labor, at home, she said "I don't think I ever want to be pregnant or have kids."  Honestly, I think she loves having a baby in the house, though.  It's a lot of work, keeping him fed and diapers changed and soothing him when he is fussy with gas pains, washing the cloth diapers, on top of every day things that need to be done in the house like cooking and cleaning.  I think it's worth the extra work, though.  ♥

October 7, 2015

We need a family photo

 My little guy.
 They love making faces at each other.
 Daddy is good at rocking Paul to sleep.
Baby ice cream cones!  Cousins from Indiana came to visit.
I need to make a new header for this blog...and hoping to get a family photo to use in it.