August 27, 2007


Let me tell you about this... scrumptuous treat: it's vegan and it's creamy and rich coconut sorbet, just 1.99 at Trader Joe's. I pulled out the dictionary, today. I do love learning about words and their origins, whether the root is Greek or Latin origin or it is slang...and when I scrapbook definitions are really a straight forward way to describe all the feelings I have when I am happy, for example. I am thankful that I am "delighted, pleased or glad over a particular thing and favored by fortune," a lot. Last night, we watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith. It was a pretty good movie, it made me thankful for everything I've got: family, people who will help us through tough times, a stable life, our public library, pretty good health, a church that is like family, friends, a sweet lil bunny and more than I need, in reality.
Tonight, we noticed how beautiful the moon says FULL on our calendar tomorrow. I love a clear night, when you can see the stars, I wish I knew more of the constellations, other than the North Star and the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and Orion. It's been really hot and humid lately, but tonight it's pleasant. I haven't wanted to bake anything. And I just baked some mini quiche!