September 26, 2017

Alpaca farm

We went to Alpaca Paradise, and met 18 of the softest animals we have ever pet.
They like carrots!  This is Anne who runs the farm and you can tell she loves all the alpaca.  There are 2 spring babies
 and one due any day now.
 Inside the barn, where it's shady and cool.
Anne has a beautiful little gift shop with alpaca wool roving, yarn, felted animals, socks, mittens, shawls, and more.
We hope to go again soon!
Below is a photo from Olivia's soccer game last night she scored a goal!
This morning, someone is showing the souvenir he got...and posing with his big sister before she leaves for school.

September 19, 2017

Two years

This little boy joined our family 2 years ago.  Yesterday was his birthday, but we had a party with some family and friends Sunday.
My mom gave him a gift.  His favorite thing was the bar of chocolate.  Mine was the button up shirt and pants...and Rob read the new farm book to him before bed last night.
He helped Dad mow the lawn and I got a little time to crochet.
 That's Paul muddy car track painting!!
These photos are from his party...
 We gave kazoos as a party favor!
Grammie did a puzzle with him.

September 13, 2017

Soccer win!!

Olivia's soccer team won!  Yay!!  I'm so glad we went to watch that game.  This afternoon is an away game and she's taking the bus with her team, we're not going...
 She's #23, maybe you can see her running?
This is what little brother does on the bleachers, when he's not yelling "Lala" and clapping for his sister.  Oh yeah, he runs, too.  Making loud sounds on the bleachers!
I've been making lots of cookies for our church festival this coming weekend.  I think there are 42 Russian matroska cookies so far.  Food markers & sprinkes are awesome!
Can you tell he just woke up from a nap? Sunday at church, sweet big sisters.

September 9, 2017

Pie crust

I made the bottom crust for an apple pie, and after watching mama, this little guy wanted to help make the top crust.

September 6, 2017

Apple picker

We went to a nearby orchard to pick apples on Labor day.  They cost $20 for a peck.  Little hands...picking apples...still one year old for a little longer...almost 2 years old.