Here is an index of some scrumptious recipes that you will find in the middle of my blog posts, pictures or journaling, that is part of our every day life!

Vegan recipes:
Almond milk (and almond chocolate chip cookies)
Artisan bread
Banana bread (or muffins)
Bread larks
Candy cane hearts
Cherry pie
Chocolate cake (called Wacky, because it calls for vinegar in it, which reacts with the baking soda, to make the cake nice and fluffy as it would with eggs)
Flax Pancakes
Koliva or kutia (boiled wheat)
Plum preserves
Pumpkin bread
Taco salad (not a real recipe, but a list of ingredients we toss in the bowl)
Wilted spinach orzo

Recipes for omnivores:
Bourbon sauce (delicious on bread pudding)
Carrot salad
Cheese Pascha (to serve with kulich)
Golupsi (meat cabbage rolls) 
Honey bacon onion tart
Kulich (bread for Pascha!)
Lemon poppyseed cookies
Lemon poppyseed yogurt muffins
Mini cheesecakes (in cupcake pan) 
Mini lemon poppyseed scones

Piroshki (mini meat pies or stuffed bread)
Pumpkin pie cupcakes
Seed cake (from The Hobbit)