October 30, 2017


In Greek, the word for Godfather is "Nouno."  This is Rob, Paul and his Nouno.
Nouno's parents have been friends with my parents for over 30 years.
 It was pretty chilly outside.
We had a wonderful lunch Rob made pizza in the pizza oven and we roasted sweet potatoes we also had salad and smoked salmon.
Nouno gave Paul this teddy bear.  He has been carrying it around the house, which is quite a deal when it's as big as you!

October 26, 2017

Furnace is on

The cold weather arrived this week.  We played indoors at the Red Balloon cafe.  Look at the sweets for sale!
Another place nearby is Findlay Market.  They have all these flowering window boxes.
We picked up many black walnuts with Grammie.
An outdoor light show, which was FREE and pretty cool, called Blink.  I hope they do it again!
Hope you're keeping warm as the weather cools...we finally turned the furnace on yesterday.  I'm going to make a cake today.
Here is a recipe for a simple vegan apple cake:

October 7, 2017

First homecoming

Our girls are pretty excited about going to their first homecoming dance.
This morning, I made some corsages with roses, buds from the chrysanthemum, goldenrod, rosemary.
Hannah's date had a beautiful corsage for her...with roses and chrysanthemums!  
Olivia went with her friend, who is on the soccer team with her.  I did her hair and thought it turned out beautifully.  I was lucky!
Thank you to this tutorial:  here!!