May 23, 2018

Upstate NY

This water pump has been here for at least 40 years.  I remember coming with my parents as a little girl, drinking this water and thinking how pure it was...

Holy Trinity church & monastery & seminary is in Jordanville, NY.
So many beautiful flowers around the monastery & church.
We rented 2 cottages not far, on Lake Otsego.  Thursday, we'll have a memorial service at my father's grave.  

May 15, 2018

5 going on 6

The 5 of us, plus one on the way.  Official due date Nov. 1st, but you never know when baby will arrive.
We went to Turner farm on Sat. for the Maypole festivities.  Paul and I held onto a blue ribbon.  The actual weaving of the Maypole is done by a group of people... half of people go counter-clockwise, while every other person goes clockwise.  The weaving is done by the people going in and out to one another, while we went around.  There was live music and it was just a beautiful day!  
After, we ate grilled farm-raised chicken and a potluck.  I brought deviled eggs to share.
Olivia on the left, me on the right.  She gave me these socks on Mother's day!  Cactus!!
This garland of origami cranes was a gift from Hannah!  Paul was exceptionally sweet and loving to me. Both the girls made me cards:  
Gold leaf?
I'm working on restoring this frame right now.
My peonies just bloomed!

May 5, 2018


Hannah went with 6 other friends to prom.
 The girls and the boys...
It was raining so the umbrella came out, I think it's a pretty addition to the champagne pink of Hannah's dress.  All the lush green and redbud trees were lovely.