May 28, 2010

Time for vacation...

Early this morning, Rob and I walked down to the beach to see the sunrise, first we saw pink clouds, then the bright orange ball of the sun...
We've been enjoying the salty waves, sand and just being together.
Below see all 6 pairs of feet: Dad, Mom, little Olivia, Rob, me and Hannah (that was starting from top going clockwise) on the sand at Myrtle Beach!

Inspiring me to sew with felt:

Wouldn't that be a nice homemade gift for someone? Maybe I'll get busy...

When we get home...we're still in South Carolina...

May 21, 2010

Boys drool...

Isaac came over for a little while sister took Olivia shopping for her birthday! Olivia is going to be 7 very soon...and Hannah will be 9 next month!
Check out that drool...
Woke up to lots of noise...they were cutting down a big old maple tree a couple of houses down from us! It was fun to watch...I was glad to see the "made in USA" on the back of their equipment.
That's done...then they chopped up the root. Looks so different on the street! I think we need to plant some trees out front!!!The girls enjoyed an ice cream cone while Lusy watched...
In case you haven't seen these postage stamp, they came out last the old cowboys!This is our front door...the mailbox with a letter for someone whose birthday is coming up soon...and one of the hanging baskets I got for Mother's day. Olivia said "It's candy cane flowers!"

May 17, 2010

All made in the USA

Olivia meeting her new cousin, Natalia on May 10, 2010... We went to see her and the rest of the family again yesterday:
I got out Jamie Oliver's Italy (a cookbook) from the library. I made some chicken tetrazzini to bring to my sister's house....and have a look at all those pretty pizzas:
We had homemade pizza for lunch today...I mixed the yeast, flour, salt, water and honey up before I headed out this morning. When I got home, Rob was making it into pizza crusts. I had spinach and ham on mine, with rounds of fresh mozzarella that melted so beautifully.
This nice soap was made in the USA...actually milled in Vermont. It smells great. I love Crabtree and Evelyn. Especially since I got a $10 gift card in the mail from the company in honor of Mother's day! Yes, I bought something for my mother there...and something for me...and for my sister, spent more money, but it's worth it!

May 10, 2010

It's a girl...

Early this morning...a little girl was born to my sister, Susanna, and her husband, John. She gave birth at home and shortly after 2am woke up her older daughters to meet their new little sister. She was 8 pounds 8 oz and 21 inches long, has brown hair and shiny dark eyes, she got quite a nice grasp on my very sweet. I was so excited to take photos...and apparently left my camera at their house, but here is a photo someone else took:Three little girls...we'll see if the hand me down clothes make it from my sister in law (Lucy) and then Hannah and Olivia, to Juliana, Emma and their new lil sister...otherwise, we'll have to go shopping!

May 6, 2010

Still waiting...

My sister is expecting her baby anytime now (her "official" due date was 9 days ago, but I was 3 weeks late when my mom was expecting me)...I'm glad she's letting God be in control instead of going to get induced. Wondering if it will be a boy or girl? We packed a picnic and went to Sharonwoods, played, then walked while Olivia rode her bike (she'll be 7 in a few weeks, but still isn't ready to take off the training wheels) and Hannah her scooter. So much poison ivy, but we're all okay...I thought I stepped into some and my ankles were itching that evening, just worrying about it...ha!
We went to Krohn's conservatory to see the butterflies, flowers, beetles and Japan, it is popular to have a cricket as a pet and there are cricket vendors who sell little houses made of bamboo for them. So cute! Learning about Japan...admiring all their kitty decorations!
Rob sharing a little white butterfly with Olivia.
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