May 6, 2010

Still waiting...

My sister is expecting her baby anytime now (her "official" due date was 9 days ago, but I was 3 weeks late when my mom was expecting me)...I'm glad she's letting God be in control instead of going to get induced. Wondering if it will be a boy or girl? We packed a picnic and went to Sharonwoods, played, then walked while Olivia rode her bike (she'll be 7 in a few weeks, but still isn't ready to take off the training wheels) and Hannah her scooter. So much poison ivy, but we're all okay...I thought I stepped into some and my ankles were itching that evening, just worrying about it...ha!
We went to Krohn's conservatory to see the butterflies, flowers, beetles and Japan, it is popular to have a cricket as a pet and there are cricket vendors who sell little houses made of bamboo for them. So cute! Learning about Japan...admiring all their kitty decorations!
Rob sharing a little white butterfly with Olivia.
Such pretty's the designer's blog.


elizabeth said...

looks like you went to some really neat places!

Christ is Risen!

Molly Sabourin said...

Hi, Martha!

Good for your sister for, like you said, allowing God to determine her little one's birthday! : ) I know how hard it is to wait, though, so I will keep her in my prayers tonight! That ribbon is precious. I'd love to tie up my girls' hair with it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Stacey said...

This post just made me feel better! Josh is 5, he will be 6 in August and is NO where near ready to get his training wheel off. I wasn't sure what is a good age to do that???

Can't wait to hear what your sister has!?!?