April 27, 2010

Waiting for a baby...

Today is officially my sister, Susanna's due date...yep, her 3rd little baby will be here soon...and we are waiting patiently!
Until June 20th, you can see a wonderful exhibit of butterflies in Cincinnati...we plan to go within the next 2 weeks, so we can see the cherry blossoms. If you're interested, more information here:
Olivia reading with her Aunt Karena on Sunday afternoon.
Rob got a charcoal Weber grill for his birthday, no more propane for us...although propane is quicker, it's not the best...and I got a bag of Cowboy charcoal for him:No need for lighter fluid...this stuff is 100% natural and works nicely! Great flavor. I love the packaging...reminds me of our vacation last summer, out west to Yellowstone. I wish I'd been in a better mood and not so tired while we were in Cody, was my birthday and we had driven 9 hours that day from the Black Hills of South Dakota, all I wanted to do was set up the tent and get dinner fixed, instead of going to the rodeo.
I'm sure we'll go back there again...
Have YOU made plans for a summer vacation?


EmilyRSPS said...

Mmmm...The butterfly show is great! We went this past weekend! Its a must every year!

Have you been to Heritage Village at Sharon Woods! I just went there today with my parents and it was outstanding!!!

Michelle M. said...

I hope the baby has come by now! Looking forward to pictures :)

We need to set a date to go to the Butterfly Exhibit! Do Saturdays work for you guys? If not, maybe the kids and I can come up one day and we can go together. Drop me an email or a Facebook message and let me know :) The kids had such a blast last year.

Anonymous said...

The kids and I are planning a trip to new mexico for Abel's birthday, since Carlo is at anoc in fort benning, ga. he left the day before mothers day and will be home the end of june. i miss him so much, but thankful its not for too long (compared to deployments).