April 19, 2010

Wool, kittens, my husband's birthday, karate and 250 blog posts...

We went to experience the WOOL celebration at Turner Farm this weekend. This guy making knitting needles. There were about 30 sheep and they were all being shorn. The man said that all but the 2 males were pregnant, due in about 2 weeks! A woman was spinning wool into yarn. We saw a puppet show by the Waldorf students...who made their own puppets using wool and fabric.
It was super sunny. Hannah got to make a little scene using tidbits of wool...that was pretty cool, poking it with a needle, we tried to do it at home with a regular sewing needle and it didn't work.
I loved these brooches that were felted, now to try to make some...any ideas? Julie, you've felted some...I enjoyed reading your blog entry on using your Kitchen Aid mixer to felt wool!

We went to see the kittens at Lenora's house...aren't they so cute? They had a pregnant stray cat follow them home one day from the park! Lenora's dad is allergic to cats, but they've camped out on their back porch. Lenora's mom has found homes for these 2 little guys.
We had fun playing around with them...they scampered here and there. We tried to get them to catch a stick or a leaf...the kittens love games.

My dear husband will be celebrating his birthday in a few days. Today we got a sweet card in the mail from my 87 year old grandfather, addressed in shake-y handwriting to Rob...made my heart melt. He lives in New Jersey. We need to go visit him. I love my family.
* * *
Pretty soon, you'll see 2 little girls with new karate belts. They've been working hard on their kata!
blog posts later: I remember when I realized blogs are free...and fun and thought it would be a good way for me to journal...that was two and a half years ago! Trader Joe's doesn't sell that coconut sorbet anymore...bummer.


elizabeth said...

Many Years to your beloved!

what a lot of neat things you do with your family - this is a blessing for sure!

DebD said...

Happy birthday to your husband! If you learn how to do the felt pins, please share with us!

Michelle M. said...

Happy Birthday to Rob! And happy 250 posts to you!

Matushka said...

Many years to Rob!

Wonderful photos!


Stacey said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Husband!

Those cats are SO cute - that's nice that they found homes for them:)

& that lovely font that was covering my blemish was 'Budmo Jiggler'-I found it on & Scott owns a Deli/Restaurant . . . I wish it was Sushi!