February 29, 2016

Little seeds...

I planted some amaranth and alfalfa to see how they grow.  After making savory amaranth fritters (the recipe on the back of Bob's Red Mill amaranth), I thought I'd look for more recipes on their website and found that they suggest planting a few seeds:
This is the amaranthus flower, thank you to:
Cousins was very cold one weekend (19'F high for the day before we went sledding) and then exactly a week later warm (72' F high)!
 Smile sausage!
 Most delicious Thai salad!
 Birthday for Timmy!
Timmy loves trucks and is on a gluten-free diet right now, so my sister made him a "dirt" cake (which she served with homemade whipped cream) with edible chocolate rocks! 
One of the best Christmas gifts this year was 6 weeks of pottery class...this hippo "big mouth" was one of the projects they did one week.  It holds 24 crayons nicely!
Irish dancing at the ceili...little Paul really seemed to enjoy was his 1st one and hopefully soon he'll be dancing! 
Hannah and Paul (he took a nap) with Daddy.
Olivia and her friend, Sophia.

February 17, 2016

From Korea with love...

Yesterday, we got a surprise in the mail...from a friend of mine who is stationed in Uijeongbu, Korea. 
I got a scarf from her.  The girls each got a stamp (I think it's marble) engraved with their name in Korean.  SO many cool candies, made from rice and chocolate and Pocky sticks...also tea and coffee and a mug with my dad's name on it!!!  Little Paul gets the mug.  He loves it already.
 Fill me up!
 And she sent this cuddly little suit and hat for him. 
P.S. This was Valentine's day.
Our girls love their little brother...
 I think he loves all the kisses!

February 10, 2016

Another slouchy hat...

I started another cream colored slouchy hat, this yarn is a bit thinner, Good for Ewe chord and I love it, although it's not as soft as the baby alpaca yarn (the sad thing is, I crocheted it all up and there wasn't enough yarn, I bought it while were were in Portland, OR and I really want to use up what I have without having to get more, so I took it out and am trying to figure out if I can make it tighter).
Join in the "Yarn Along" here:
I've just started Land of Love and Drowning (it is the book that our library discussion group is going to talk about next). I just finished The Woman who Walked in Sunshine yesterday.  It was another sweet story. ♥ Speaking of sweet stuff...we are getting ready for Valentine's day.  My sister got Paul a set of bowties and this red one has little hearts all over it.
A friend of mine sent a mini scrapbook, one page for each month...I'm enjoying filling it up!
We got a bit more snow yesterday.  It wasn't good for sledding, although we tried...

February 5, 2016


I helped a friend milk a cow...
It was a beautiful morning, but chilly...only 19' Fahrenheit.  Hopefully, I'll be helping out every Friday morning milking Sally, the Jersey cow.  Or is it Guernsey?  What's the difference??  I looked it up on Wikipedia, and they are both a reddish colored cow.  We got to take the milk home.
 Okay, back to work!
 My turn to give some milk...
Hannah playing the piano with Paul...he really likes it!

February 3, 2016

Slouchy hat and books

 Paul is sick today, coughing a bunch and congested all night.  We read Little Humans together this morning.
I'm reading The Woman who Walked in Sunshine the 17th book in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novel series, which take place in Botswana.  And I'm crocheting another slouchy hat, this time with baby alpaca yarn (my 3rd one...2nd one here and 1st one here) and if you want to make one here is the pattern:
It's been a long time since I've joined in with the Yarn Along!  If you want to join in, click here:
 He loves to grab fists full of hair.  So loved ♥