February 29, 2016

Little seeds...

I planted some amaranth and alfalfa to see how they grow.  After making savory amaranth fritters (the recipe on the back of Bob's Red Mill amaranth), I thought I'd look for more recipes on their website and found that they suggest planting a few seeds:
This is the amaranthus flower, thank you to:
Cousins was very cold one weekend (19'F high for the day before we went sledding) and then exactly a week later warm (72' F high)!
 Smile sausage!
 Most delicious Thai salad!
 Birthday for Timmy!
Timmy loves trucks and is on a gluten-free diet right now, so my sister made him a "dirt" cake (which she served with homemade whipped cream) with edible chocolate rocks! 
One of the best Christmas gifts this year was 6 weeks of pottery class...this hippo "big mouth" was one of the projects they did one week.  It holds 24 crayons nicely!
Irish dancing at the ceili...little Paul really seemed to enjoy was his 1st one and hopefully soon he'll be dancing! 
Hannah and Paul (he took a nap) with Daddy.
Olivia and her friend, Sophia.


elizabeth said...

lots of lovely moments here! how nice! :) that cake is super cute! you have a beautiful family!

Emmie said...

What a great idea for a Christmas gift!