January 29, 2019

freezing cold

Super cold weather everywhere.  Tomorrow, it's supposed to be a high of 6 Fahrenheit.  
I knitted this chunky hat & found it pretty silly looking as a hat.  I think it's a nice plant cozy though.
Next, is this baby hat:
I didn't order the kit, but bought "the baby wool" which was $12, since I already had knitting needles the right size.  As for the pattern, I cast on 50 stitches & I'm simply knitting back & forth.  I crocheted (a chain) one tie.
Two years ago we were still homeschooling with Hannah & Olivia.  We read To Kill a Mockingbird when Olivia was 13, and now it's required reading for her...  It's such a great book, nice to reread it!
Sledding with cousins:
Big brothers:
Littlest cousins!  I hope they'll be good friends!  And below, mornings with these boys:
Olivia & George were twinning a few days ago.  Look at that little smile, below.  He'll be 3 months old next week!
We went ice skating with Rob's sister Sun. afternoon.

January 21, 2019

water, ice, snow

Sleeping 2 month babe, Grammie, blessing of water + church = super day!  Theophany!!
I love how babies hold fingers!
Make that 2 days of water blessings!  2 month baby, 11 weeks or 79 days since he was born...
And so much love.
Love all this snow! 

January 15, 2019


Video of Olivia dancing (she's on the left) with the dance team, during the basketball half-time. Space jam music, we need to watch the movie!
Aunt Sarah braided Olivia's hair for the basketball game.
After, Hannah taught Aunt Sarah to knit.
We are knitters project #2 with black 100% Peruvian yarn.  Just finished!
We got so much snow over the weekend!
Mountain climbing!

January 13, 2019

We are knitters

2 days total!
Thank you to our friend Sarah Pyle for this kit!  I just ordered more 100% Peruvian yarn from to "refill" & we can use the cool wooden knitting needles, made in Spain.

January 7, 2019

Celebrating Nativity

It's been a hard week. Rob spent much of his time with his parents.  My father-in-law has been sick & passed away Thurs. evening. The funeral will be this coming Thursday. My husband wore some very nice shoes he gave him to church.  
Today has been a good day!  We celebrated the Lord's Nativity!  It's Dec. 25th on the old (Julian) calendar.
After receiving the saffron linen napkins last week, I was eager to put the linen tablecloth on, and it's probably been about a year since I did.
My husband made these votive candle holders from cedar logs.
 Sushi with Sarah & her mom, Magdalena.
George is now 2 months old.  He's smiling more & more.