May 27, 2011

Upcycling is a good thing...

Olivia is almost 8...she's holding a little pink basket with a dog inside that my sister Susanna sewed. She upcycled a sleeper that my niece Natalia wore, but the zipper broke! Upcycling is a relatively new word that means making something into something better. She's wearing the dress and matching headband from Aunt Mary, who sweetly took her shopping and helped her narrow it down to this one...she tried on 14 outfits!

Yesterday we went to see Grammie and Peepaw and share some goat milk gouda with them...and they gave Olivia a present, too. While there, we made up our own madlibs, like this:

Have you ever seen a/an____________ _____________?
(adjective) (animal)
There are ___ at the ____________ zoo.
(number) (city)
If you go, you'll most likely hear them _________.
They might be eating________ ____________ and
(adjective) (pl. noun)
drinking __________ _________. Admission is just $____ per person.
(flavor) (liquid) (number)
If you bring in a/an __________ ___________, you'll receive a
(adjective) (noun)
$1 discount on admission!

* This is what we came up with:
Have you ever seen sparkly cows? There are 3 of them at the New York City zoo.
If you go, you'll most likely hear them praying.
They might be eating shiny flowers and drinking strawberry milk.
Admission is just $8 (Olivia chose that # since she is almost 8) per person.
If you bring in a pink swimming pool, you'll receive a $1 discount on admission.

May 23, 2011


After lots of rain, we had a weekend full of sunshine! It started with Friday, graduation at the pre-school where I work. It was a bit crazy. The children sang "This Little Light of Mine" and a few other songs. We had a picnic outside afterward. I made butter cookies...schools, little matroshka and dogs. I love using the edible Wilton pens on frosted cookies.Hannah and Olivia gave Aunt Mary the spa treatment (foot soak, hand massage, painted toenails, etc) after we rode bikes and walked for a couple of hours...there were lots of yard sales (we bought a marble run and I got a pretty skirt)! Then, we went to Aglamesis to enjoy ice cream in honor of Emmelia's namesday.Isaac walking with his Godfather, Uncle sweet how he's looking up to him!I got the raspberry hot fudge sundae with coconut ice cream. That is Emma...she didn't eat that whole thing...she shared!
I was happy to be a part of the 22Q worldwide awareness day. I painted faces in the sunny perfect weather (there was pleasant breeze, too, thankfully) yesterday for a couple of hours!We played Scrabble last night. I love word games...Jotto is another one of my favorites!

May 16, 2011

A jar of marbles...

We were hoping to visit Peepaw on Thursday, but he wasn't feeling that well after the Wednesday surgery and he had nurses and doctors checking on him doing tests and stuff every 20 minutes!!! In the evening, when things calmed down, I thought we would go, but...

Olivia learned how to ride a 2-wheeler on Monday, so everyday we've been going for bike rides around the neighborhood together. Rob decided to pump their bike tires up (that thing plugs into the cigarette lighter) and left the ignition the battery was dead. So, we played marbles instead!
The next day (Friday) we went to visit Peepaw and Grammie...all is well. He showed us the "hole" in his stomach, where the pump is going in...
He is getting medication or placebo via the pump and the other as pills taken orally. It's a study, so the medication is free and everyone is taking good care of him... This will be a more effective way of giving him this medication to help with Parkinson's, it will make it more consistent, no lulls between doses. We all love him so much and want him to feel better!

At church on Sunday, we read John 5:1-15 (the story of the Paralytic, which I find appropriate, considering my dad's health). We made a huge card for him, lots of children and adults drew pictures, traced their hand and wrote messages to him.

May 11, 2011

My etsy shop

I love to draw. I am now selling cards on etsy...go check out my shop. Custom orders are welcome! Each card is hand drawn and colored, so each one is completely unique.
I use this Minka fountain pen that Rob gave me as a birthday gift when I was 22...I get refill cartridges in various colors, mostly black, but when I find pink or turquoise...oooh la la...I buy them. I do love colors!!!

P.S. Thank you for your dad's surgery was today, all went relatively smoothly. My mom is with him and they will be at the hospital for at least a week more.

May 9, 2011

She did it!

I'm happy to announce that Olivia is riding her bicycle without training wheels! She is super excited as well. She just...seriously JUST did it...

We practiced coasting for a while recommended in this Schwinn video by Joscie (thank you), but didn't take OFF the pedals.

Tomorrow is my niece's first birthday...Olivia likes to hold her, but I know it won't last much longer, she is getting big and is almost ready to walk.

Yesterday was my sisters, Mary and Susanna and I celebrate together on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers (the women who came to the tomb of Jesus with myrrh). It was also Mother's Day. I got many gifts: 2 plaster magnets painted by the girls, a Jerusalem artichoke (which I planted in our backyard), 2 pretty hanging baskets that are now on our porch, Ghirardelli Luxe Hazelnut chocolates (100% natural and SO good), a bar of soap from the monastery in WV, a little candle...BUT best of all was being with those I love the most.My husband and dad went for a Harley ride parents are at the hospital now for the Parkinson's study.

May 4, 2011

On transportation...

Since the rain let up...I was able to ride my bicycle to work to and from work today! I will walk to the library. And if I have to drive, I will make sure to have more than one place to go...before I go anywhere.
What shall I give my mother? Mother's Day is this coming Sunday... I know she likes Crabtree & Evelyn. Perhaps flowers (my mom loves irises) in this glass jar that I crocheted upon? Maybe organic produce to make homemade pizza? Perhaps we will just spend the day together, going to church, then for a walk? The simplest things in life are those I cherish the most.Do you have any great ideas to share or special plans?

May 1, 2011

Hope on the horizon...

Christ is Risen! I took this photo about midnight on girls said goodbye to my dad (who they affectionately call "Peepaw") who was having a difficult time. As I've written before, he has Parkinson's disease. Things have been getting worse lately, he is in a lot of pain and is so stiff he cannot move at all, at times. Some men had to carry him out of church on Pascha, actually. Next week, however, he is going to the University of Cincinnati hospital to participate in a study...he will stay there for 10 days and they will give him a port and a pump, so the medication will be more constant. I ask you to join us in praying for him! We went to their house later on that day...and thankfully my dad was feeling better. Last night, he came to church, but didn't serve in the altar, and left right after venerating the Bible. Today, however, he didn't come at all. I love him so much...and so does our whole family...I want him to feel better!

2 years ago I was involved in car accident with the girls, Rob was at work...thankfully we were all fine, but the man who was riding the motorcycle (wasn't wearing a helmet and is lucky his head is okay) broke his pelvis and apparently suffered more, I don't know all the details, but I am being sued. I met with the lawyer on Tuesday. He seems to be a very kind and honest man. So, if you will pray for everything to settle as God's been causing me a lot of worry and stress lately.

I also made a BIG decision. I am graduated in 2000 with a BFA (bachelor's degree in fine arts) and life was busy, I got married and had a two children and put my artistic desires on the side...but I am going devote more time to creating art...and hopefully selling it. I am not going back to working at the pre-school next year.
When it's not raining (and we've had a LOT of it lately), we've been enjoying being outside...Olivia is holding a 3-leaf clover. Hannah found a 4-leaf clover a couple of days ago and another one today!
Yesterday, Hannah and Olivia ran the Flying Pig 26th mile...they did a great job! My sister, Mary, took this photo of the 4 of us...she and her husband Andrey came to Cincinnati for a couple of days, mainly to visit with my dad.

Rob and the girls are running on the right hand side of this video clip...