May 9, 2011

She did it!

I'm happy to announce that Olivia is riding her bicycle without training wheels! She is super excited as well. She just...seriously JUST did it...

We practiced coasting for a while recommended in this Schwinn video by Joscie (thank you), but didn't take OFF the pedals.

Tomorrow is my niece's first birthday...Olivia likes to hold her, but I know it won't last much longer, she is getting big and is almost ready to walk.

Yesterday was my sisters, Mary and Susanna and I celebrate together on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers (the women who came to the tomb of Jesus with myrrh). It was also Mother's Day. I got many gifts: 2 plaster magnets painted by the girls, a Jerusalem artichoke (which I planted in our backyard), 2 pretty hanging baskets that are now on our porch, Ghirardelli Luxe Hazelnut chocolates (100% natural and SO good), a bar of soap from the monastery in WV, a little candle...BUT best of all was being with those I love the most.My husband and dad went for a Harley ride parents are at the hospital now for the Parkinson's study.


elizabeth said...

continued prayers for your Dad. You have one cool Dad :).

Yay for the bike riding!! lovely video.

So glad you got such nice things for Mothers Day.

Christ is Risen!

DebD said...

Whoohoo for Olivia.

I know i'm a little late but happy nameday.

Xen Xen said...

You can see just how pleased she is to do it! Yay for Olivia!

Mimi said...

Love the photo of Olivia and your niece.

Happy Belated Name's Day to you. Prayers for your dad, and love always.

Allison said...

way to go, olivia! great video. i still remember the thrill of the first time i rode a bike on my own. it's a wonderful feeling.