June 29, 2018

Puddle pool

It's hot here...the little pool is a nice way to cool off!  This lion was 25 cents at a church rummage sale last week.
Olivia obliged Paul and sat on the bumblebee.  She's getting so much sun by working at the pool.  We bought the Neutrogena 100 spf sunblock for her...and she does reapply it when she can.
Hannah's ready for her shift at Trader Joe's!
The dill has flowered.  So delicate and pretty. Below, garlic...
Picking raspberries.

June 22, 2018

Hello summer

Hannah at work at the Red Balloon cafe.  Below, Rob and Paul sitting at one of the outdoor tables.
We went boating on Cowan Lake on Sunday.  It's FREE to go to any state park in Ohio!
 It was so hot we all had to cool off!
Paul had so much fun with Olivia playing around on the dock she was pretending to throw him in the water.  And this little FREE splash park is another great way for us to spend these hot summer days!

June 11, 2018

Ashfield, MA

The Inn at Norton Hill:
This is where my grandfather's burial was...
Ashfield, MA is a little town with small lake, a couple of restaurants, a hardware store, a beautiful bed and breakfast.  It was $150 a night but the room was so charming and the breakfast included was next door at Elmer's (perfect eggs Benedict):
I know I shouldn't mention unfasting things like this when we're in the midst of a fast for those of us who are Orthodox, but it's something that I have been wanting to learn how to make.
I never order french toast or pancakes when we're out because I do not like fake maple syrup, but this place had maple syrup made locally from Gray's Sugarhouse!  My mom came with us, too.
That's my Aunt Sarah and her son Gideon, who is my youngest cousin.  Paul loved playing with him, trying to do everything he did.
My grandfather's grave above, my great grandparents below, my great great grandparents, Annie & Edward.  Their graves are old and a bit hard to read with all the lichen.