August 28, 2018

Nearing the end of summer...

We had a nice visit with my Godson last week.  His father drove with him from Colorado to Virginia to help him get settled in for college life.
We've been going to the free forest school at a nearby park.  We hike a little, play in the water, discover neat mushrooms, fungi, moss, read stories together & eat our packed lunch.  Someone made a neat rock arch!
It's gotten hot & humid again.  It's 92 degrees Fahrenheit today.  We went to church this morning, where it's nicely air conditioned.  We have a window unit in our house not central "air" so it feels hot everywhere but in the living room.
I held my 3 week old niece again today. 
I actually wore a sweater one cool morning last week! 30 weeks along!!
Both our girls are in band now.  The 1st football game of the season was Fri. Aug. 24th.  Olivia plays vibraphone, Hannah keyboard.
The sky was so pretty!

August 16, 2018

Homegrown tomatoes

Our tomatoes are flourishing this summer.  These cucumbers were from my sister.
My niece got her ears pierced on her 13th birthday!  It's a tradition in my family... my sisters and I...and my girls all got their ears pierced at the age of 13. We went with her and then we all had Chipotle for lunch afterwards.
She is adjusting the surfing dog!  She enjoys baking & made a really nice beach birthday cake!
 Chai tea at Red Balloon cafe!
Summer concert in the park.  This Tues. it was a brass band, they played the traditional songs, the national anthem and some different songs...Bohemian rhapsody & Hey Jude (I still love the Beatles)!
Our church festival is Sat. Sept. 15th.  We started baking (I will freeze these and defrost and decorate to be pretty Russian nesting dolls a few days before)!  If you're in the Cincinnati area...please come!!  St. George 118 N. Lebanon Rd. Loveland, OH.

August 9, 2018

My niece

My sister had a sweet baby girl on Mon. Aug. 6th...she was born at home, but came so quickly that all the fluid didn't get out of her lungs and they ended up having to take her to the hospital to get oxygen.
Angelica is her name...and she is loved so much already!
A little video:
Hope you have a nice weekend!