May 27, 2011

Upcycling is a good thing...

Olivia is almost 8...she's holding a little pink basket with a dog inside that my sister Susanna sewed. She upcycled a sleeper that my niece Natalia wore, but the zipper broke! Upcycling is a relatively new word that means making something into something better. She's wearing the dress and matching headband from Aunt Mary, who sweetly took her shopping and helped her narrow it down to this one...she tried on 14 outfits!

Yesterday we went to see Grammie and Peepaw and share some goat milk gouda with them...and they gave Olivia a present, too. While there, we made up our own madlibs, like this:

Have you ever seen a/an____________ _____________?
(adjective) (animal)
There are ___ at the ____________ zoo.
(number) (city)
If you go, you'll most likely hear them _________.
They might be eating________ ____________ and
(adjective) (pl. noun)
drinking __________ _________. Admission is just $____ per person.
(flavor) (liquid) (number)
If you bring in a/an __________ ___________, you'll receive a
(adjective) (noun)
$1 discount on admission!

* This is what we came up with:
Have you ever seen sparkly cows? There are 3 of them at the New York City zoo.
If you go, you'll most likely hear them praying.
They might be eating shiny flowers and drinking strawberry milk.
Admission is just $8 (Olivia chose that # since she is almost 8) per person.
If you bring in a pink swimming pool, you'll receive a $1 discount on admission.


GretchenJoanna said...

Madlibs are so fun - I had forgotten all about them....making up your own would be even more fun, and I am now planning to do some with my grandchildren. The one you posted appealingly girly. ;-)

Jim said...

up-cycling is a new term to me! ...I always like it when I learn something new!