April 13, 2009

my {craft it forward}

Did you want to see what I got from {craft it forward}? Thought so. Julie knit this beautiful scarf out of yarn made from bamboo 80% and wool 20%. It's very soft. I'm going to look for some of this yarn for myself! Hannah and Olivia love it, too. I look forward to seeing those who got the packages from me...

This week, there are many church services as we prepare for Pascha. It's my favorite time of the year! I'm making lots of kulich...with golden raisins, but one without for my husband!

I was in a car accident. We are doing fine with just 1 car (Rob has his old CJ, but it's not warm and it's open on the sides, so when it rains it's impractical), but hoping to find a decently priced replacement for the Jeep, which our insurance agency said was totaled. Here's a photo of it a day after the motorcycle hit us:
It's really not THAT bad, but it would cost more to fix it than it's worth.

Last week, I got sick...fever, chills, sleeping twice as much as usual, feel so much better now, but blowing my nose a lot. I'm so thankful for my usual good health. It has made me more sympathetic towards those who are sick.


Pres. Kathy said...

OH NO! I am sorry to hear about your accident. Are you all okay? I know how it is to be with one car - I did it for a couple of months this fall. By the end I thought I was going to go crazy! Are you feeling better now from your cold? I wish I was there to make you some warm tea and keep you company! I love the scarf - very you! I hope you have a blessed Holy Week!

Rosemary said...

Martha, I am so sorry you were in an accident. Oh, that's awful and it totalled your car? You have such a gracious attitude about everything, I'd be a mess.

You will love that ecologically friendly yarn, it is amazingly soft and I think the colors are quite beautiful.

Michelle M. said...

You look very pretty in your new craft!

I hope everything works out with the car. Things like that can take some time. I am just glad that you weren't hurt. Hope you are feeling better and are able to enjoy Holy Week in all its fullness. Blessed Holy Week to you!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Oh no! And double oh no! But hurray for the scarf!

Julie said...

I love the pics, thanks for letting me know. The scarf looks good. I love the shot of the red pigtails. That could have been me as a kid. :) The yarn I used is called "Bambool" if that helps you find some. I'm so glad that you like it.

I'm sorry about your car. What a bummer. So glad that you all are OK though. I hope you find a replacement quickly and that you like it even better.

Mimi said...

OH my goodness! Did this happen to your one car? I'm so sorry, hugs and prayers.

And, you've reminded me, I need to finish my "craft it forward" items and get them mailed out.

Erin said...

I LOVE the cards!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll maybe post some photos soon, but just wanted to let you know that I was delighted to get them and that my kids love them, too. My husband was so impressed that you had sent such a kind gift. Thanks for brightening my day!

Loreluca said...

oh, Martha! I'm hoping that everything is fine now. I hope the motorcyclist is doing a lot better!
I hope you enjoy all the events culminating with Pascha! Isn't this such a joyful celebration?!
Love those knitted scarfs! hope you can find your yarn!

J.H said...

I am very sorry to hear about accident.
I love your homework craft, can't believe it made of 80% bamboo :-)

Kim Watson said...

I am glad you are recovered, I got a shock when I heard you were in an accident. Happy car hunting, I pray you find exactly what you need.

Cute head scarf, the wool sounds very natural & organic! I hope you find some for yourself.
KJ x

Chrispea said...

I'm so glad that you are OK. How'd the guy on the bike look?

I love this time of year too, so many wonderful traditions. We made our weird Easter food, lol, lots of cabbage and saurkraut! ;)

Emily R. said...

Glad to hear that you are OK!!

What an adorable scarf!!!

JO said...

oh my ... the car is 'material' & can be replaced ! I'm just glad ALL of you are safe !. Hope all is going well ! Jaina is now 5 - I can't believe it, time flies when your'e not counting.

Samantha said...

Oh dear! First you're sick and then you get into a car accident? I'm so glad you're okay and I hope everything works out with the car situation.

On a brighter note, you look totally adorable in your new hat! It *looks* soft! I don't think I've ever run across bamboo/wool yarn. I'll keep my eye out for it!