April 29, 2009

2 front teeth?

Today Olivia pulled out her other front had been hanging loose for quite a while. It's so hard for her to eat (I had to cut up her cantaloupe even), but so darn cute, isn't it?
Watering the garden together. The lettuce is in the cold frames...almost ready to harvest the first batch!

I was tagged in the Crazy 8's meme by Sylvia.

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. Meeting new nephew (Andrea, my baby sis is due in July)
2. Sunday (it's my namesday)
3. Going to Squam Lake in NH this summer
4. Having ice cream tomorrow (today is a fast day, the first one since Pascha)
5. Sewing with the kids in my class
6. A conservative president (maybe in 4 more years?)
7. Eating out of our garden (lettuce is growing well)
8. Knitting group (next one is Sat May 9th)

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Finished off the last of the kulich
2. Went to the pre-school
3. Made paper airplanes
4. Cleaned the house before Olivia's friend came over to play
5. Admired the birdhouses the girls painted
6. Talked with Rob about the swine flu pandemic
7. Ate some chocolate
8. Drove to my class at Cincinnati State
8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Go to Hawaii
2. Homeschool using my own curriculum
3. Paint icons
4. Get some chickens and cows
5. Scrapbook all my photos
6. Oust the current president
7. Finish sewing my green polka-dot dress
8. Practice the guitar everyday

8 Shows I Watch:
There's really only 1 thing I watch on a semi-regular basis, Nature, with my husband and girls...Sunday nights on PBS at 8pm!


Michelle M. said...

What a cute photo!

It seems like a lot of people doing this meme don't watch TV- I feel like a slacker :) At least I don't watch a lot of it.

Matushka said...

That photo is scrumptious! I love photographing kids. They are so real, so naturally beautiful.

That blonde hair is killer!


Amanda said...

Hi! I am here because you have been nominated for an Awesome Blog 2009 Award! Stop by and see what category somone thought you rocked!

God bless-

Pres. Kathy said...

Olivia looks so cute!!! Your garden is very big! I hop[e you ahve a wonderful namesday!

Josephus Flavius said...

Just an FYI that you were nominated for an Eastern Christian New Media Award (in the Best Domestic Church Blog category). Would you mind posting a blurb about visiting the website to nominate other worthy bloggers?

Julie said...

That picture is absolutely perfect! Gabe just lost his first tooth but it's a bottom so I can't quite get a cool photo like that. Besides, he gotten to the age where he can't help but make a face the second I point the camera at him. He thinks he's just smiling but that's not how it looks. :)

JO said...

I commend you on your gardening skills. It must be nice to harvest it & then, eat it for dinner or something. What a nice garden !

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I like your 8. Looking forward to seeing your polka dot dress.

My latest attempt at sewing is still all in the sack from the fabric store. ;-)

Loreluca said...

So many things where my lists would coincide!

Loreluca said...

LOVE your garden, by the way! I wish I had that much space in my back yard, but it's not the case :(

Kelleylynn said...

Ahh! a garden of my very own once again ... soon!
Liked your "8" and your pics are captivating

Samantha said...

She's absolutely adorable without her two front teeth! I love the pic of her the doggie :)

Your garden looks fantastic! I wish I had a garden here. Maybe one day.