September 4, 2009

We're babysitting a turtle...

Tomorrow is the Russian Fest and here are some of the goodies I've made to sell:...lots of piroshki. I've used the leftover egg whites to make some meringues and coconut macaroons...yum!I've been crocheting and sewing some yo-yo's with buttons and make some hair clips:
This is the preschool class pet...a 3 inch red ear slider turtle...who we are watching for the weekend! I am enjoying being back at work (just 20 hours/week)...I get a lot more done at home, too!
We're homeschooling Hannah and Olivia again this year. Things are going okay...we're going to give this a try!


Petronia said...

The hair clips are adorable! I should try making one.

DebD said...

The hairclips are pretty. We did k12 for 2 years and were pleased with most of their curriculum

Michelle M. said...

Yum! And the hairclips are so pretty. How do you manage working, homeschooling and keeping up your home?!

Rosemary said...

What a busy lady! But it all sounds like fun, and I love seeing the photos. Piroshkis and macaroons, oh yum!

The hair clips are really great, very fun and colorful! Baby Sam looks like he was being well taken care of too.

Good luck with the homeschooling, I know you will do great!

Erin said...

You're using K12? Email me if you have any questions. We're well into our 3rd year with K12. I generally love it, but I've also figured out some tricks to make it work a bit better for our family and for flexibility. Hope you have a great year.

Emily R. said...

How was Russian fest?

I've heard a lot of good things about k12! :D

Have a lovely day!


S said...

Your blog is gorgeous. Love it!