September 23, 2009

Curious incident of the dog in the night-time....a book

That's the book I'm delving into next...I'm currently taking a class called "Exceptional Children" every Tues and Thurs, so I drive straight there from the nursery school. Then, go home to my dear husband (who has been cleaning house...XOXOXO) and homeschooling our girls and when he leaves for work, I take over.Seems like we know so many people who've had a baby, Olivia is holding 7-day old Bridget, her newest cousin. Saturday, my Aunt Sarah had a baby boy, Gideon. And tomorrow, we go to visit my college roommate, who had her son, Andrew 2 weeks ago...
Isn't that SO darling? Found it at: One of my favorite websites...scrumptious recipes! Lots of great party (for tea, a birthday or holiday) inspiration.

2 weeks ago today I was in the hospital...I feel so much better now, but kinda wonder what my life will be like without my appendix. I do believe it has a purpose, although it is a mystery. God does everything for a reason.


DebD said...

I read that book several years ago and it was quite good. My! There have been a lot of births around you. How wonderful! I'm glad you're much better from surgery.

Christina said...

I had my spleen removed right after delivering my second chlid via c-section (the surgeries were a few weeks apart). So far, 3 1/2 years later, I haven't noticed anything weird or strange about not having a spleen:)

Mimi said...

I also read it a few years ago, and highly recommend it. Enjoy.

Marfa said... far I'm on chapter 59 (not actually, but that's what he calls it, since all the chapters are prime #s only)! I'm really liking it.

Rosemary said...

You'll never miss that old appendix, glad you are on the mend and seem to be back to your routine - amazing considering how extensive that surgery was in the not so distant past!

I have to email you and see what your thoughts were about the "...Potato Peel Pie Society" book. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A little slow at first but then it was engrossing.

Julie said...

That book is AWESOME! It gives a wonderful perspective. A good series that includes a character with Asperger's is the "Aaron Tucker Mysteries" by Jeffrey Cohen. Very funny, but the boy with Asperger's in not the main character like in the book you are reading now.

I love your aunt's choice of name for her son. :D

Glad you are feeling better as well!