October 27, 2015

Our garden, after the frost

About a week ago we had a frost here.  I went to pick all the green tomatoes a few days before as the weather forecast was saying it would frost.  The tomato plants were still good looking, and now they're shriveled and brown. What is left of the onions are still fine.  Rob harvested some sweet potatoes, things that are underground are unaffected by the frost.
My sister from Canada and her family are visiting.
I made a tres leches cake for us to enjoy (Rob's sister, niece, my sister and her 4 kids came- so that was 11, would be 12 if Paul could eat) in celebrating Paul's 1 month "birthday!"


elizabeth said...

such cute pictures! glad you were able to salvage the garden!!! many years to young Paul! I love seeing snippets into your life! lots of love to you!!!

Emily said...

1 month birthday celebration! What a great idea!

Your sweet potatoes look really good!