June 23, 2008


Hannah will be 7 in a few days. You're invited to come help us celebrate on Saturday June 28th 12-2pm. We now have a sand box (the neighbor got TOO much, she's getting a pool)! You can see our garden behind the slide. Right after church, they went out there to play...

Rob and the girls got dry ice and sasparilla extract and viola! Sweetness...without corn syrup! It's really good stuff. He also made cream soda & we've got rootbeer extract for next time!

Homemade soda:
1 bottle of extract, sasparilla, rootbeer, or cream soda (about 5 tablespoons)
5 gallons of water
5 pounds of granulated sugar
5-8 pounds dry ice

Yellow pear tomatoes, still small, but ripening up!Mary and Mom at the beginning of the bridal shower. Look at the cake my sister Susanna's towels! She also made 2 scrumptious Florida Sunshine Cakes, glazed...looked like 2 rings! Fresh flowers from my garden and lilies from Susanna's.


The Apron Queen said...

Can you come out & play?! Tag! You're it! :D

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

seven? Seven! Wow!

What a great activity--you guys are so creative.

inara said...

I am so there! Just kiddin' Hope the party is awesome!

Mimi said...

I'll be right over to help celebrate! Happy Birthday!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Your Yellow pear tomatoes are looking good.

I am glad I grew some myself this year with all the tomatoes that are bad in the stores.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

JO said...

Happy Birthday Hannah - sorry,we can't make it to the party, but We'll think of ya! Our house photo is on my blog "HOORAY for Internet". That one is one neighbor's house (we couldn't afford a big house here). Have FUN HANNAH !

h west said...

Happy b-day!!! Our #3, Iona, is 7 today!!!

KJ-Starre said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! stay as sweet as you are.....:o)
It's my brothers B-day today(28th)too

Your home made soda sounds delicious...I never realised dry ice was the way to add fizz...but logically I suppose it would, being CO2.
I think your sand box looks'll have a load of fun in it...I just know it because Max love his too.

Xenia Kathryn said...

So cool that your sister Susanna shares my daughter's name! I don't see it very often, so I gotta give a shout out whenever I can :D We spell it with an "h" at the end, though. Still, very cool!