August 9, 2008

St. Panteleimon

15 years ago, we went to St. Panteleimon's in Hartford, Connecticut. Today is the day we remember this saint, someone I always ask to intercede before God when I or someone I know is sick. He was a physician of body who came to know Christ, the Physician of our soul!
I think these icons that show the life of the saint around a larger, central image are the best. It's great for visual people like me, and for those who probably can't read the story of his life, like my girls!
Rob is working on his CJ's an old Jeep, I forget what year it is, but it's over 30.

Olivia carries around "Elephante" most places now, her great grandpa gave it to her last week!

Ella and Larissa...I love the colours they were wearing together, very summery!

Spent some time with our friend, Emilia, on her 7th birthday!

Tuesday, we remembered St. Hannah (Aug 5/July 23 Old Calendar), the mother of the Prophet Samuel, so it was a special day for my daughter, who shares her name. My parents took us out to get ice cream after dinner. Look at those pink cowboy hats! A family friend who used to be our next door neighbor when we lived on-post, Fort Stewart, Georgia, gave them to the girls.


Meadowlark Days said...

Cute hats! I always loved the story of Hannah and Samuel.

Loreluca said...

WOWSERS. girly! You really, REALLY surprise me every time! I didn't even suspect that anyone else did the Saint's day anymore! ALthough I honestly never ask them for intercesion, because my dad always insisted that we would talk directly with "the Boss", I loved to read about their lifes, and how they would live their lives as close as Jesus' example as possible, and admired them. And in Mexico, where I grew up, people still celebrate their Saint's day!
Lots of hugs to you and your little ones!

Rosemary said...

You always have an interesting post, Martha, I enjoy coming over here to see how you're doing and what your cute little family is up to. In my faith, Tuesdays are St. Anne's day - so if you have something major happening on a Tuesday it is always good to pray for St. Anne to intercede on your behalf for a happy outcome. And it works!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Kevin has a '76 CJ5 and an '83 CJ7! How much we find we have in common!

in response to your email from ages ago, I love to bake too & cook (unfettered, which rarely happens). My dad bought me a cake, which is a special treat.

I love carrot cake as well, but my favorite cheesecake is actually almost fat free strawberry one,the kind from the box. My all time favorite cake is angel food.

Marfa said...

I'm commenting on YOUR comments, my friends....
Anyhow, I'm so glad to hear so many of you honor saint's days and yes, ultimately God is the boss!

Jessica, Rob has a '78 CJ. My sister's fiance has a '86 CJ, Rob said that was the last year they made them and now you can get the Jeep Wrangler, but he said that's a Ford compared to "Lamborghini" CJ.

::Sylvia:: said...

Most Holy St. Panteleimon pray for us!

I love the hats (and whoever's Vera Bradly bag that is in the pic)!