October 5, 2009

Apple picking

Rob carrying a bushel of apples ($22). 1/2 for us and the1/2 for Andrea. Oh, and I get to babysit her little Isaac, who is now 3 months old...tomorrow! Looking forward to that!!!Our family...I admit, I took more photos than picked apples.
The kids all enjoyed trying to use the apple picker, although the branches were laden down with heavy their level.

Rob bought himself a log-splitter. Last year we got a wood burning furnace that sits in our fireplace and our energy bill went from $200 in December to $90 in January. He picked up a huge load of wood from a friend yesterday...we should be set for the upcoming cool weather!


Chrispea said...

Mmmm, yum, love apples. I just made a delicious German Apple Cake. Here's the recipe:

I substituted 1/2 of the oil with applesauce and it turned out great.

{hugs} Chrispea

Chrispea said...

OH, forgot to mention that I gave you a blog award. If you want to play along, just grab it off of my blog.

Emily R. said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! The apple picking looks like a lot of fun!!


Samantha said...

That looks like a fun activity! We don't have any apple orchards here despite living in Apple Valley. Go figure, right?! LOL.

Michelle M. said...

We were going to do this tomorrow night, but Swine flu has gotten in the way of those plans.

Jeannette said...

It is so apple my house, where currently I do not live due to a wonderful job we have on the apple trees are hopefully causing the tenants to not only bake pies and can sauce, and remember my neighbors with a gift bag or two, they are either raking them into piles, or playing rogue basketball tossing them into a compost pile. Many years the apples, even with thinning, hang more like clusters of grapes than apples.
I peeked at your photo page...clicking on your name when you left a comment took me there. I instantly saw lovely elements: children, grandparents, mountains, water, smiles,so many bright colors and your lovely definition of togetherness as a place.

Thnk you for your visit...I have enjoyed mine here.