June 22, 2010

Sew some birds...

I have been going to swimming lessons, karate class, piano lessons, concerts in the park...lots of time sitting and watching my girls. Sometimes I chat with the other parents, but I like to have my hands busy. I've been sewing some things with felt, fabric and love to just sit and crochet up a few flowers to add to my scrapbooks. Recycle. A couple of weeks ago a sweet Russian woman gave me a bunch of hand-me down clothes, I took a few shirts I knew I'd never wear and cut up the fabric to sew some birds with...

This is the pattern I followed:

I gave this mobile to my sister Susanna, whose baby, Natalia, was just baptised on Saturday. Here, is a picture of my sister Andrea with Natalia.

We had a nice father's day. So proud of my husband who helped out a couple of people, by giving someone a bike, taking someone who needed clothes shopping, spending a few hours fixing someone's car...and loving me and our girls. May God bless him (he's on the far right)...I took a TON of photos...and I am in some of them.

This weekend, we are driving to the east a family reunion.


DebD said...

what a great husband you have. Many blessings to the newly illumined. It looks like there were two baptisms.

Enjoy your trip east - its pretty hot and muggy here right now.

Meadowlark Days said...

Have a fun road trip!

I love the mobile. I need to get crafty myself!

Matushka said...

A blessed and enjoyable summer to you all Marfa! We are about to leave on vacation. I can't wait!


Chris Hertel said...

Love the photos, and the birds! They're "sew" pretty! ;)

How's your garden coming? We're on vacation, so I hope ours is surviving. It rained pretty good before we left so I hope it's not dried up!