September 5, 2011

Real yarn is warm!!!

Allison is having a yarn giveaway! Go check it out...I'd love to have some Noro yarn! It's so beautiful, but a bit expensive, so I have yet to buy any for myself. If you don't knit or crochet, however, you might want to check out Jane's giveaway! You can win one of the pretty bags that she crocheted:
Well, it's been an interesting weekend. Friday and Saturday were really hot and humid here in Cincinnati...about 100'F. So, my husband put the window unit AC back in! Then, Sunday it cooled off and today it's quite cool...I'm wearing a sweater, warm alpaca socks that I knit earlier this year and just had a cup of tea!I only like real yarn...wool (from sheep or alpaca) or cotton, no synthetic things like acrylic. The real stuff is warmest and the way God made it. What was the weather like where you are?

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Jeannette said...

It is cool here on the Pacific Ocean. The fog is low and the sun is breaking through in brilliant shining patches on the water. Marfa, you asked me what my job husband and I are the hosts and property managers for a private coastal estate that is never rented out. We live in a cottage that sits up on a granite bluff facing the ocean. We take care of 3.5 acres of gardens, a stone house built in the early 1900's and greenhouse that is like a jewel box... Lately we have been able to hire some good helpers and that is a great reprieve because then we can take care of ourselves a bit too. The owner does not live here but shows up with or sends various folks who are generally speaking big "doers" out in the world. My husband jokes that it was a big sea change for us to take this job five years ago after homeschooling our two daughters and he owning his own construction firm and me a licensed marriage family counselor for years.

I appreciate that you come visit my blog and I certainly enjoy yours...there is a contagious warmth from your faith and family life. Thank you.