March 4, 2013

Sofia is 4 today!

Happy 4th birthday to Sofia!!!  I took this picture of her with her parents at a baby shower last month.  It's not a very good picture, especially because it was in the midst of a game where everyone tried some baby food and was trying to guess which kind they had (the labels were off)!  She is going to have a little brother this month.  His name will be Timothy.  The umbilica cord stem cells are going to be used in her cancer treatment.  They are life-saving cells, that are often discarded.  I know when I was pregnant with my girls, I looked into having the cells saved, but the fees at the cell bank (where they freeze them) are quite high.  I wish I'd known that you can donate the umbilica stem cells so that someone else can benefit from them!

We are blessed by quite a few precious additions to our church this year...children who are coming here to Cincinnati Children's for cancer treatment.  Last week, I shared with you about Salomia, who was just 7 years old and passed away from complications of cancer.  So, if you can say a few extra prayers for these little ones, I'm sure God will listen.  ♥

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elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy! Will pray for her...