June 4, 2013

Traveling across the country...

Freshly picked strawberries from my sister, Susanna, to start our trip!

Wisconsin...we got some cheese, of course.  Did you know they also have a lot of cranberry bogs?
North Dakota's landscape is much like that of South Dakota (since we drove through there 2 years ago when we went to Yellowstone, we decided to take a different route to see more of America)!  Those must be a kind of lilac, not like the ones we have in Ohio, but so very pretty.

No GMO Wheat Montana...awesome place to get fresh baked goods!  Giant pecan cinnamon rolls from there for brekkie this morning.  We'd been buying their wheat berries to give the chickens and grind into flour in Ohio. 


Michelle M. said...

That looks like a fun adventure!

elizabeth said...

happy trails! :) hope to see you in July :) :)