January 13, 2014


After church yesterday, we had a Christmas party for the children...
First, Hannah sang "What Child is This?" as she played guitar with Maria, who is 25 years old and teaching Hannah:

Olivia with Liza, my sister's little girl, who is 1.  She got this new pink dress, for a Christmas gift...with a snowman on the front and a hat with a white puffy ball on it.

Then, a few children recited poetry...and then they moved plywood out for the girls to do Irish dancing: 

Russian dancing!
The audience.
I'm holding my Godson, Timothy...isn't his little comfy tuxedo so cute???
He did not want to sit on Grandfather Frost's lap!
His mother was at the hospital, yesterday in the afternoon...they have been taking turns.  Today marks 4 weeks of Timothy's big sister, Sofia's hospitalization after a stroke.
They were told on Friday at a meeting with the doctor that 75% of her brain is unrepairable and damaged.  Lord have mercy.  ♥  Please keep all of their family in your prayers, Sergiy and little Timothy, who you see here...and Maryna, the mother, and especially 4 year old Sofia.
Here is little Sofia and her mother, Maryna.  You can read more about them here:
Today, Maryna's mother, Nataliya, arrived from Ukraine to help out...I look forward to meeting her very soon!

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elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy on this little girl!

So glad for all the beauty of this season for you all!