December 15, 2014

The glow

Every morning, I wake to see the glow of our Christmas tree. 
Our girls were asking what people did before electricity.  I can only imagine if we had candles, it would be pretty, but much more difficult to light each candle.
 Getting ready for a family picture...for our Christmas card.
We decided we wanted Lusy (our dog, who looks like a blur here) and Velvet (our black kitty) in the picture, too.  Sorry, didn't get the chickens in on it this year....maybe next year!


GretchenJoanna said...

There was good reason, before electricity, for just having the tree up one day - I'm sure no one wanted to do the candles a second time!
The last few years I leave our tree lights going all night, so I see them glowing downstairs every time I wake to turn over in the night. I love it.

Amanda Sexton said...

What a beautiful family!

elizabeth said...

that first picture is so very peaceful! I love the glow of our tree too!! it's a wonderful time of year!!

Apseed I said...

I think candles and Christmas tree looked beautiful in old days. But I dare to think it was also a bit dangerous.
And I love your family photo!