July 13, 2015


Rob's birthday is in April, Olivia's in May, Hannah's in June and mine in late July, this baby will be born in August!  I'm actually hoping a little later than August 16th, maybe just a few days, because one of my favorite church holidays is August 19th when we bless the harvest (we usually bring grapes, plums, peaches, cucumbers and tomatoes in a basket to church)!
 Little Timothy before:
 And after...guess he really liked the frosting and chocolate chips!
We celebrated Hannah's birthday at the Red Balloon Cafe!  We ate lunch there and brought cupcakes from home.
For Olivia's birthday, she had just 3 friends who came over for cake.  We baked a cake in a circle pan and cut it so that the 2 pieces looked like a mustache.

The girls played badminton and played on the playground in our backyard.  So much has changed in our backyard since then...lots of stuff growing!


elizabeth said...

how beautiful, the cakes, the celebrations! God be with you and baby! we are praying for you!

Mimi said...

I'd root for a birthday buddy, but the 31st may be too late for you :)