May 20, 2016

Big eyes

Isn't this funny?  My husband is a quiet person, rarely makes silly faces.  Bright and round eyes for both these guys!
 8 months old now and crawling all over the house
 Rob's brother went fishing and shared some of the fish with was so good.
And Paul loves applesauce!


elizabeth said...

that's really nice! :))))

GretchenJoanna said...

So glad you could catch your husband in an unusually expressive mood ;-)

Cristina said...

Christ is risen!
Paul has grown so fast and he is so cute! He'll be "rearranging" your house soon, so enjoy the things at their place while you can...
I remember at 8 months I gave my daughter cherries (although not recommended yet) and it was OK and she loved them.
Hugs to you!