June 20, 2016


Although it's felt like summer this past month, today us the first day of summer.  It's another hot and humid day.  I just laid baby Paul down for his morning nap...he was sticky and sweaty from nursing.
Riding bikes in the empty parking lot last night...
Rob parents, sister (and niece) and littlest brother came over yesterday for dinner.
 Outdoor pizza oven deliciousness!
Paul nibbled on a pork chop bone.
We got six chicks about 2 weeks ago...hopefully all are hens (for laying eggs)!
We went to Young's dairy on of the places we loved to go with my dad!  We got ice cream, fed the baby goats.  I noticed that their cows are smaller (Jerseys) than the cows I've been milking weekly (Guernseys).  We all had lemon custard ice cream, the flavor of the week!  Yum!
 Summer concert in the park (every Tuesday now)...Paul fell asleep on Grammie's lap. ♥
P.S. I lost my memory card and have neglected my blog, but that's life...


elizabeth said...

a lot of nice pictures! have a great day! hope the heat is not too wearying!

GretchenJoanna said...

What a wonderful post to mark the beginning of summer - it captures the feelings of the season. Paul is a dear baby! I bet your mom loves to have him sleep on her.... The pizza looks delicious, and -- lemon custard ice cream!