July 30, 2016

A bit of sadness

I didn't want to share the sad news, but our 6 chicks died.  We let them out in the grass many times, watching them (and returning them to their tub covered with a screen and heat lamp), so my husband built them a grassy run.  I guess I felt they were safe, and let them stay there overnight, the first night was fine, second night, they escaped, and I was shocked to find feathers, instead of happy chirping chicks when I went to feed them in the morning...
My birthday outing to downtown Chicago and Navy Pier
We spent the week with Rita, who is like an extra grandma.
 Sunglasses love...
We are so proud of Hannah, who started a fire and passed the other tests to earn a level 3 blue badge at camp.
 Photo after services for Sts. Peter and Paul.
 Our girls in their camp uniform.

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