August 18, 2016

11 months old

Paul is 11 months old today...he has 7 teeth, likes to pull the wool from this sheepskin rug, favorite food is apples, loves nursing, stands alone, crawls fast, likes being chased, wants to do what his big sisters do (like play piano or look to see what they're doing if reading a book), says "Da da" and "Ma ma" and claps his hands!  
He's been a little fussier than usual lately, his cousin has "hand, foot and mouth" and we think he has it, too, but nothing on his hands, only a little red spot below his lip and a bunch of his feet (knees and bottom, too). 
Time flies...when you're little.  Growing up so fast!  In a month he'll be a year old. He's counting backwards:
Not sure where the photo on the sheepskin is for the next 3 months! I'm sure we did it every month.
 8 months - teething, a little sad looking ♥
 7 months - eating cantaloupe!
6 months - all smiles!
 And the 1st month!  So tiny. 
And 0 months - newborn ♥

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