September 23, 2016

1st Birthday

Oh boy, a candle...we'd been practicing blowing out candles for a few weeks. 
With Grandma and Grandpa...and looks like he's not sure if he blew out the candle or someone helped him.  We made these gluten-free and sugar-free cupcakes:
He got a John Deere tractor toy, which he loves!
His cousin, Bryce, shares his birthday with Paul!!!  Exactly the same day, 5 years apart.  Bryce turned 6.  He loves Minecraft legos.
 Unplanned...twins!  Both Rob and Nathan got the shirts from their mom.
After all the excitement, he fell asleep in my arms ♥ And the next day, we had more family and friends over to celebrate his actual birth day!
As the evening progressed...the indoor photos became blurry, but this one is Paul with his Godfather and daughter, Kira.
I have been writing "thank you" many gifts for little Paul's 1st birthday!  I got this set of Prismacolor colored pencils when I was about 13 from an elderly woman (who has passed away, but I remember her well), who was a talented artist, I have some lovely wooden eggs that she painted.  I'm 39 years old now, so I've been using them for 26 years. 
Every year, I go to the art store and replace a few colors, because they are merely an inch big.  I do use these down to the nib.  The colors are bright and fantastic.  Sorry Crayola, there is NO comparison.  Prismacolor is the best, in my books. 

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Jeannette said...

What a busy happy time and may God continue to bless that beautiful boy.