March 13, 2017

Learning everyday

 We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday last week together.  Paul and his grandpa...
Climbing up the ladder and going down the himself.  We try to play outside everyday.  In the rain, under the carport, in the mud and cold, too.  We  have had a warm winter this year, overall.  We are expecting snow tonight and I hope it's good, because we've only had about an inch at the most this year. 
The girls started public school last month.  It has been really good for them so far, learning in a bigger social environment, and after years of homeschooling, it wasn't that much of an adjustment, because they were in enough social situations on a regular basis. I still get to help with their learning, when they have questions about their homework. Today, Olivia is doing soccer conditioning and Hannah running track after school.

I'm looking back at old photos...and remembering how white Olivia's hair it's still blonde, and every winter it darkens, then as the summer approaches, it slowly lightens.  Hannah's sprinkle of freckles and red hair is much like Paul right now.

I got a sneak peek at a new book and will be reviewing it next week:


elizabeth said...

lovely post and pictures! wow, big change with your two oldest going to public schools! I do hope it is a great experience for them! HUGS to you!!!

Gretchenjoanna said...

A big change for you, from homeschooling! God bless your girls!

Is that your trailer? Are you looking forward to camping in a few months? It's always nice to see a post from you and see your beautiful and blessed family.

Martha said...

We need to clean up the camper trailer, as we haven't used it recently, but we're talking about vacation...looking forward to it even more now that the girls are in school!