June 19, 2017

Father's day without my dad

Yesterday after church, my mom and sisters and their kids came over...although it's been over 2 years since dad passed away, it seems like he is here, because I think he is, in spirit.  He would be there with my husband and brothers-in-law, looking at the old sailboat...
We ate smoked salmon, fresh veggies, we made shrimp skewers and vegetable focaccia and my sister brought rainbow trout with lemon slices on top. 
My niece below with flowers she picked... the passion flower is so pretty and exotic looking.
Sand play. Painting. Jumping.
My Godson, who is 5 years old, and me, and below is my 11 year old niece, who is also my Goddaughter.  She picked about 2 pounds of blackberries yesterday. 
All in all, we have a pretty cool family.  I wish my father was really here, but we remember him so often and feel like he is with us in a different way... ♥

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Barbara Bassett said...

Great pictures except for the one of me with my tongue sticking out. I don't even remember doing that; what a poor example to the children! Thanks for a great get together, Martha - we all had such a good time.