January 7, 2018

Hello Carlee

We adopted a dog!  Her name is Carlee and she's a collie mix.  She is gentle and very sweet, but has tried to take shoes, ornaments and had a couple accidents inside the house, so we hope to train her.
Paul likes to climb up here.  And we don't want Carlee up on the couch either.
Sarah is visiting!  I've known her for 24 or 25 years.  The main reason she is here is to spend time with her mom.  Her mom is 71 and my mom is 72.  They are friends, too.
Paul is wearing a new scarf made for him, by his cousin.  I'm impressed with her ability!
Time with Grammie...we opened gifts from her.  She gave all the kids hats with lights!  
It's old calendar Christmas today.  It's been a really nice day!  

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Anna of Stuffedveggies said...

Merry Christmas! Carlee looks very cute! : )