February 4, 2019


Snowy & cold one day...warm the next.
Look who is 3 months old already!
 Wearing my glasses!
It's official.  The weather is crazy! 6 F for the high last Wed. 64 F on Sun. I love snow, but I'm glad for the warm weather.  We went hiking in the woods.  What kind of weather have you been having?
The wee hat is cute, but too small for 3 month old George.  Still, it would be good for a newborn.  I'm casting on another with the rest of the yarn (I used our kitchen scale to weigh the finished hat: 22 grams, and confirmed that there's:  28 grams left, of the 50 g skein, enough to make a one a bit larger) starting off with 60 instead of 50 stitches across.
After Olivia's dance performance:
And Paul wearing his handmedown Beatles shirt, another fav photo from this past week:

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elizabeth said...

the weather sure has been crazy in ups and downs! was sunny and warm here today, I think over 50F! cute pictures! and handmedowns are the best!!! I like your glasses!