September 8, 2020


There's something tranquil about water, maybe it's actually the wind making ripples over it, or that it cleanses.  We have quite a few lakes near us.  The state parks in Ohio are FREE (unlike some other states) and open to everyone.  
Above, Cowan Lake state park where we went Friday, and below is Stonelick Lake, where we went yesterday.
Muddy and enjoying every minute.
Laying in the shallow water, where it is warmer, finding pretty pebbles.
Little boss baby.  See that pointing finger?
So good to spend time together.
A scrumptious cherry cheese crown for our daughter.
And this little fellow sure enjoyed his sweet:
Hope the rest of summer is good for you.  We are still having days reaching 90 this week.  
I'm looking forward to the cooler fall days!

P.S. I might be a little extra sentimental over donuts, as tomorrow would have been my dad's 70th birthday.  And he loved Dunkin Donuts.  


Becki said...

What terrific pictures! I especially love the one of the little boys on their tummies in the shallow water. :) What a wonderful, refreshing way to spend the weekend.

elizabeth said...

Lovely moments! A HUG ....may Fr Paul's memory be eternal!