December 16, 2009

Festival of Lights

There's a huge Christmas tree at the zoo...Olivia went to take a look at her reflection in one of the bulbs. When I showed her this photo, she was confused "Where are you? I could see YOU" she said to me. Just found this recipe and am hoping to try it out later on today. Those almonds for sale at the zoo were so good $5 (for about a cup) and I didn't have enough cash. Abby, Bethany and Susanna shared with me, though...that was so sweet. We had so much fun with friends from church at the zoo's Festival of Lights!
I'm baking biscotti to give away to people I work with as a Christmas gift. Friday is my last day, then 2 full weeks off. It's nice to work in a school. I do enjoy my job...instilling a love of learning in young minds.


Pres. Kathy said...

The festival looks really nice! I just love Christmas lights. I hope you enjoy your time off! You deserve it! I would always looks forward to those two weeks when I was a teacher. Have a great day!

Michelle M. said...

Wow- the Zoos' festival looks great! how long does it last?

Enjoy your two weeks off!

Meadowlark Days said...

Love that top photo!

Emily R. said...

Wow that photo of your daughter looking in the Christmas bulb is very wow! :D Have a great Christmas!

Emily R. said...

FYI: The Dayton Art is FREE!!!!!!