December 7, 2009

{first snow}

I was so happy to wake this morning to see a dusting of snow...we put on our boots, hat, mittens, jackets, etc on top of our pajamas and went outside to enjoy the first snow of the season! Before 7am, we had a joyful snowball fight...everyday should start like that.
I'm making some simple ornaments as gifts. Some ice skates with paperclips, too.Making Christmas cards, some with a family photo (to those people who don't do email, mostly, like Aunt Val and Joanne), some just with sparkly gems on felt trees. I like the pink and green together.That's my crocheted version of Sheldon the turtle below...a Christmas gift for someone. I've been working on it while the girls are in karate class. Two 45 minute classes back to back = an hour and a half of crochet time.
Just a few days ago it was sunny and pretty warm...but it's gotten chilly again! I took this photo of Olivia, who last December had baby teeth, lost them in May, was toothless all summer long and finally has her adult teeth...such a sweet smile.Tomorrow we plan to go to see the Egyptian exhibit...the girls are so interested in pyramids and mummies.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos, as always, Martha! Those ornaments sound so sweet! Enjoy the snow. )

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Great minds think alike! Gotta go play in the snow in jammas...

That Olivia--what a gorgeous smile!

Matushka said...

Wonderful photos! We had a snow here last week! I couldn't believe it.

Don't the adult teeth give them a whole new look? Too sweet!

Wish we could have met you at the museum! ;)


Pres. Kathy said...

Great pictures! I just love the snow. We are expecting 12 inches today! Your cards are so pretty.

eMeLiNe Seet said...

the little tortise is SO Cute ! i really admire the talented ones who crochet...i'm quite a dummy :) :) YAY Snow !

Anonymous said...

Martha, I gotta say I really like your turtle better than the one shown on the link. I like that you used brown, instead of all green. Its so cute! We got your Christmas card in the mail yesterday! Thank you, its so cute! I do hope that we can find time off to come visit you guys! Ill let you know!

Lynn said...

Hi Martha,
thanks so much for dropping by my blog!
Look forward to seeing you play with websters pages at the community.
They are simply irrestible!!
Love your stitching on the stocking.
Have a Merry Christmas and God bless! :)