October 4, 2010

The Kursk icon

Olivia, originally uploaded by mama_marfa.

Divine Liturgy with the Kursk icon (which is about 1000 years old) was beautiful. The icon was found in 1259 (who knows exactly when it was painted, could've been in the year 988, when Russia accepted Christianity) laying face down by a tree in the city of Kursk which had been destroyed after the Tatar invasion. Since then, many miracles have occurred because of the icon.

I think that yesterday was one example.

My father has been suffering with Parkinson's disease for almost 8 years now. He was especially sick this week, with added stress, his body adjusting to a new medication and perhaps the change in's really become chilly! He was able to do Vigil, hear many confessions, and then Divine Liturgy alone. Many people were praying for his strength. The church was crowded with faithful...I feel blessed to have been there!


elizabeth said...

what a blessing! I am sorry to hear of your Father's struggles; this is not easy...

Mimi said...

I am tearing up, what a blessing for your father. God is wonderous indeed.

Erin said...

What a wonderful blessing!

Thanks for sharing!

Matushka Barbara said...

Love this picture and the bells!!